Calhoun Ready to Lead Team to Playoffs

Jermie Calhoun just returned from vacation this past weekend, so we were unable to get his thoughts on the recent NCAA sanctions until recently, however when we spoke to the Van, Texas native the reaction was the same as any other recruit has given. Calhoun filled us in on how his summer has been going and what his thoughts are about recent happenings at Oklahoma.

In continuing our series of interviews with current Oklahoma commitments and their reactions to the recent punishments laid upon the Sooner program by the NCAA, we spoke with running back pledge Jermie Calhoun recently. The 6-foot, 210-pound five-star athlete gave us his thoughts on the news and talked about how the past several weeks of his summer have been.

"I spoke to Coach (Cale) Gundy about the punishment and he laid it all out for me, explaining exactly what is going on," Calhoun stated. "He just told me that we were going to lose two scholarships for two seasons and had to forfeit the entire 2005 season, so while it obviously isn't a good thing I am just happy it wasn't worse. One thing I will say is that I don't think it is fair taking away the results of the entire season because three players do not represent an entire team and everyone worked very hard for those wins, coaching staff included, but you can't argue with the NCAA. None of this affects my decision to attend Oklahoma what-so-ever and I am just keeping my mind focused on my future at OU and what I plan to achieve with my teammates when I get there."

While many recruits have been working with personal trainers and flying across the country to work out at special training centers, Calhoun has taken a different approach to his summer. He has still been keeping himself in shape and working out consistently of course, but he has found time to have some fun recently.

"I actually just went on a cruise down to Mexico," Calhoun said. "I had a ton of fun on it and got to go snorkeling for the first time which was really cool. Other then that I really just hung out on the boat, played some games and spent a lot of time in the weight room that they had on the ship. It was funny, we actually left port out of New Orleans, so there were a lot of LSU fans on the cruise with us and some of them either recognized me or would see me with all of my Oklahoma gear on and were giving me a hard time about it while we were there. They were doing their LSU chants and just having fun with me about it, so that was just a funny thing along the way."

Calhoun will spend the rest of his summer working out with teammates and talked about that, as well as when he plans to visit Norman next.

"I'm actually in the car on the way to a seven-on-seven right now and have just spent the summer working out with my team instead of on my own," Calhoun explained. "My biggest goals this season are to stay healthy and help my team in any way that I can to get back to the playoffs, because we missed them the last two years after making them when I was a freshman. I will probably take my next visit to Oklahoma when I visit officially this year, but I have no idea when that will be yet. Other then that it has just been a pretty boring summer and I am ready to get back out on the field and get to work."

Calhoun has been described as a prototypical workhorse back and will definitely give the Sooners some pop in the backfield when he breaks into the starting line-up. Over the course of the past two seasons at Van High School, Calhoun has gained over 3500 yards out of the backfield and touched the end zone 57 times.

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