RECRUITING: Edmond LB talks about A&M visit

Edmond, Okla. LB Dane Zaslaw has one trip left to take after visiting College Station


JH: How did your visit to Texas A&M go?

DZ:"It went real well and I had a lot of fun. I watched the Virginia Tech game and it was a great defensive game. Texas A&M played great on defense, but they just couldn't pull the game out on offense. The atmosphere was fantastic and all the chants they have is really special. I knew they always had a lot of chants at the game, but actually hearing them up close was really great."

JH: Did you learn anything about Texas A&M that you didn't already know?

DZ: "I didn't really learn anything new, but I did get to know Coach Weddel a little bit more. He would be my position coach if I went to Texas A&M and I got to know him as a person. I also had a lot of fun hanging around with the players."

JH: What is a visit to Texas A&M like?

DZ: "You go to the game and you eat about four times in five hours. I flew down early Saturday and I immediately ate the team meal with the team. Then two hours later I was eating barbeque and then a hour later I was having cookies for a snack. I think all the visits are going to be pretty much the same, but they are certainly fun and I will not go hungry."

JH: What is the latest on recruiting with you?

DZ: "I am still set on the three schools that I have visits set up with. Nothing has changed. I still like OU, LSU and Texas A&M. I was planning to go to LSU this weekend, but they have bad weather in the Gulf so we are going to go the Auburn weekend instead. I think that game is in early October."

JH: How is your season going?

DZ: "We lost our first game to Edmond Sante Fe in a game we should have won. We have won the last two and are beginning to play pretty well. Now we are ready to play Edmond North and show them who those Bulldogs are. I am playing pretty well and I think I have improved every game. I seem to be making big plays and that is keeping me happy. The key thing for our defense is that we are having a lot of three and outs and that is key to playing great defense."

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