Cooper Close to Narrowing the Field

So far every recruit we have spoken to has shown little concern if any regarding the recent recruiting violations at Oklahoma, however upon speaking with Keanon Cooper recently, we found that word of mouth and misinformation can be a dangerous thing. Right now the Dallas, Texas standout is in the process of narrowing schools and talked about where the Sooners stand.

Dallas Skyline High School safety Keanon Cooper is in the process of narrowing the field down to a list of schools that he will take into serious consideration before making his final decision before signing day. The 5-foot-11.5, 195-pound athlete is playing things relatively close to the vest right now, making sure he has all his bases covered, however he did talk to us about which schools are near the top of his list and where Oklahoma stands right now.

"The incident that happened at Oklahoma really worried me at first because I had heard through word of mouth that they had lost two recruiting coordinators and were put on probation for the future," Cooper explained. "The staff then sent me a letter detailing what exactly happened with the players involved, but didn't really get into what the punishment was from the NCAA. After hearing what the actual punishment was for real I am pretty comfortable with them, but it was definitely unnerving at first."

When we last caught up with Cooper in late June he claimed that his top programs were Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Georgia Tech, Michigan, Texas Tech and Oklahoma in no particular order. We asked if that had changed at all recently and how he planned to go about making the decision of where he will take his official visits.

"I still like all of those schools and after further research you can definitely add West Virginia and LSU to the list as well," Cooper stated. "I kind of have the schools that I will take official visits to and are my finalists picked already, but I am keeping it to myself for now to make sure that I have done everything properly. I am thinking of making the list public soon, but I really have not decided yet."

"Right now all of the schools have been pretty quiet and giving me my time to think about what I want to do, especially since they are not allowed to send text messages anymore," Cooper said. "I doubt I will take an official visit to Oklahoma, but only because it is very close to home and I can just find transportation, go up for a game and to meet the coaches and use that official visit on some school that is too far to drive to. I feel the same way about Texas Tech. Both of those are schools that I can get too easily, so I do not see the sense in spending an official on them when I can drive up for a game myself."

Cooper did reiterate some things that he likes about the Sooner program, however part of his feelings on them have to be cause for some concern at this point.

"I like that Oklahoma puts a lot of players into the league and always have a great defense and secondary," Cooper explained. "They have a great tradition of winning there and it is close to home, although I don't know if that will play a role in my decision at this point. The only thing is that I really have not gotten to know the coaching staff at all other then Coach (Chris) Wilson that recruits me, so that is something that I feel like I need to have happen."

Keanon Cooper finished his junior season with 143 tackles, nine interceptions, five fumbles caused, five recovered fumbles and four sacks. He also had a blocked punt for a touchdown. He benches 260 pounds, squats 375 and has a 28-inch vertical jump.

The four-star safety reports a 3.4 core GPA and a 1400 SAT.

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