RECRUITING: Illinois OL says OU in top five

Weaton, Illinois OL Akim Millington names three favorites and talks about his interest in OU


JH: How is your season going right now?

AM: "Right now we are 5-0, ranked second in the state and 49th in the nation. We have been playing great. We won our last game with four seconds left in the game as we hit our wide receiver in the end zone. We also beat a team that beat us last year in the playoffs after we led at halftime. That was a little bit of a revenge game for us."

JH: How are you playing at the moment?

AM: "I think I am playing pretty good. I am averaging grading out on the offensive line at 95 percent, with a high game of 98. I get somewhere between seven to nine pancake blocks per game and in my last game I was credited with nine pancake blocks."

JH: Is the pancake the best feeling for an offensive lineman?

AM: "The best thing for me is when I get to pull down the line and I get a chance to clock the middle linebacker, who is trying to come through the hole, but he doesn't see me. I get to hit right in his ear hole and he will never forget me the rest of the game. If I do my job he will hesitate before he charges into our backfield the rest of the game. For me, that is the best play for an offensive lineman."

JH: Since you are so nationally known are you drawing more attention this year?

AM: "I am getting about 20 letters per game so I am still getting a lot of attention in that area. I don't know if anything is different when I am on the field. I really can't tell. I do get more double teams on defense, but since I play offensive tackle on offense I don't think defenses try to do anything to avoid me. I always have somebody in front of me to block."

JH: How is recruiting going for you?

AM: "My top five is Oklahoma (11-2), Iowa (11-9), Wisconsin (12-13), Miami (12-19) and Boston College. I really like Oklahoma and what I read about them. I like what I see in their media guide and I have enjoyed talking to the coaches thus far. Plus, Coach Long is an alumni at my school and that is pretty neat."

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?

AM: "I don't really have a favorite right now, but I do have a top three and that would be Iowa, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. However, I really don't have an order right now, and probably won't until I take my visits in November and December. I hope to have my decision made by the first of the year."

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