RECRUITING: Edmond LB still taking visits

Edmond Memorial LB Dane Zaslaw has one more visit on the docket. But has a leader already emerged?


JH: Are you through taking visits yet?

DZ: "No, I have not yet gone to LSU. The weather has delayed that and now I am going October 18th."

JH: What was your trip to Texas A&M like?

DZ: "It was fun and I had a lot of fun down there with those guys. I got to experience what it was like to be down in Aggieland. I had a lot of fun with my host Taylor Shuester. I went to the game with a host and then after that I went out to eat at Outback. When I was at OU I went to a cook out, but at Texas A&M we got all the food we could eat at Outback and I think we ate everything in the restaurant. After that I went out with a bunch of the guys and that was a lot of fun."

JH: Did you learn anything about Texas A&M that you didn't know before?

DZ: "I have always heard how neat of a place it is to be at a home game with that team and I had a chance to see it with my own eyes. I guess I wasn't surprised with anything, but I did get a chance to see it with my own eyes and that was good for me."

JH: There are reports out there that say that you are a lean to Texas A&M and are about to rule out OU. Is that true?

DZ: "Don't believe anything that you hear and people should just wait until I commit or until you read a quote from me."

JH: What are you thoughts on OU at this point?

DZ: "OU is a great place to play and I will probably make my decision within two weeks of my last visit to LSU. I am looking forward to getting the recruiting process over with and I will set down after that last visit and evaluate the pros and cons of each school."

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