Simms hopes experience is the difference

Texas quarterback Chris Simms talked about this weekend's matchup with Oklahoma at the Longhorns' weekly press luncheon Monday in Austin

On if a win will end the perception that Texas can't win the big game
"I'm sure we'll quiet a lot of the critics and that's good and all, but I'm not worried about it. I want to go out there and play as well as I can this weekend and be a good leader for our team. I think the best thing about this week is that our team is really excited to get out there. I'm not going to worry about the other stuff.
On the perception that he can't win big games
"Everyone has their opinion. I'm not going to argue against anyone's opinion. Sure, if you look at me, I played against Oklahoma and Colorado and didn't play well. If you don't think I played well in the big game, that's fine, and I'll try to improve my status with the rest of America."

On if he can relate to the pressure Oklahoma QB Nate Hybl has been under
"Of course I can. It's a tough position being the quarterback at schools like the University of Texas and the University of Oklahoma. There is a lot of good that comes along with it. With every good, there is a bad and you have to deal with it and take it in stride. Nate's a really solid player. He looks like he's a good leader and he does what his offense asks of him. I have a lot of respect for him."

On last year's game against the Sooners
"It was my first time going into a game like that as a starter. Of course, experience helps and I didn't have much of that last year. I was extremely confident going into the game last year and really felt like we were playing pretty well. I knew it was going to be a tough, hard-fought game where we might not score a lot of points. I had to be smart and make the plays when I got the chance. All in all, they made the big plays when it counted. This year, I'm just looking forward to getting another chance, and like I said before, I'm really excited to get out there and play on Saturday."

On his performance in last year's game
"I played good, I really did. I didn't make any spectacular plays, but I didn't do anything really boneheaded either. I know people say I threw four interceptions, but one was as I got hit and another one was when we were down 14-3 with 50 seconds left and I was trying to make something happen. I felt good that day and just need to have another solid performance on Saturday."

On what he learned from last year's game
"The Oklahoma game last year taught me to be patient. I know not to make any bad plays that gets the other team excited. I just try to stay even keel and make the plays as they happen. The Colorado game taught me a lot of things too. I was so confident going into that game because we pretty much manhandled them earlier in the year. We got off to a good start and it just showed me how quickly things can change and how you have to stay focused."

On the importance of the running game
"To beat a good defense like OU, you have to be two-dimensional. You have to keep them on their heels. As an offense, we didn't do that the last two years, but at the same time, Cedric Benson is in here now and without a doubt he has made our offense better. We're going to go out there Saturday and try to work Cedric a lot. We're also going to throw it to our receivers and let them make some plays."

On what will be different in this season's matchup with Oklahoma
"This is my second start against Oklahoma and I'm really looking forward to it. Last year, we had a tough game because we had a chance to win it at the end. This year, I'm looking forward to another great game and playing in it. Our team is real excited for Saturday to come."

On how big the rivalry is
"It's unbelievable. I got to see my dad play in a lot of big games, and really, there's nothing comparable to this game. To see half the stadium in maroon and half in burnt orange is unbelievable. It's something that is unparalleled. It's something that I always go home and tell my friends back home about and tell them they need to come down and watch this game."

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