Horn players talk about Red River Shootout

Running back Cedric Benson, Linebacker Derrick Johnson, Defensive end Cory Redding and wide receiver Roy Williams talk about the Sooners and this weekend's matchup

Running Back Cedric Benson
On his thoughts about this year's game
"I'm very anxious to play, not so much because I didn't play in the game last year, but because this is the Texas/OU game. They're ranked No. 3 and we're No. 2. It's a battle of two teams and the best team will win the game. I'm excited because it's so hyped up among the fans and the media."

On if he thought about the OU game prior to this week
"Everybody talks about this game from the beginning of the football season until the end. I think this is everyone's big game — fans, media and players - and is probably circled on everyone's calendar. You can't help but think about it day in and day out."

On the importance of the running game this weekend
"I think it's very important to run because any victory is caused or anchored by a good running game. The pass and the run help each other by making the other better. It is important because you have to run the football to win games and take the pressure off the quarterback every once in a while."

On the keys to winning Saturday's game
"I feel like everyone has to have a good game because that's the only way we're going to come out with a win. Everybody has a little fire in their tails and they're ready to go because I can see it in their eyes."

Linebacker Derrick Johnson
On stopping the Sooners offense

"Their offense is very good. (Nate) Hybl is a great quarterback. He can pick you apart if he stays in the pocket, so we have to put pressure on him and make him roll out. We have to make him make some mistakes. Quentin Griffin is a great screen person. If he gets the ball, he can go with it. He has the potential to hurt our defense a lot, so we have to keep someone on him."

On OU's defense
"They have a great defense with a lot of stars, but we don't worry about it because we do too. We don't try to compete with their defense. We just play our game and the winner is whoever comes out on top."

Defensive End Cory Redding
On Oklahoma QB Nate Hybl
"He's a good pocket quarterback. He sits back, lets the receivers run their routes and puts the ball where they need it to make the big plays. He has a good eye for the field and is a good overall quarterback, so it's going to be a challenge for our linemen to stop him."

On the rivalry
"Yes, there is bad blood between the two teams, but that was past history that I wasn't a part of. Now, I am a part of this history. I know that I have to play a very hard game this weekend and that they don't like us as a team. Personally, we don't need to like them either, but we respect them as a team. We know what they can do and what weapons they have and we are ready for them."

On Oklahoma RB Quentin Griffin
"He is a great runner. He has an eye for the hole and hits it very low with his center of gravity. He runs hard. I never knew him from high school, but I know that he came from Houston, and if you're from the state of Texas, you run with pride. As a defensive player, you have to really focus on him and what he's capable of doing."

On if he's bothered by OU's defense getting more attention than UT's
"I'm not bothered because I know what we did last year. We finished the season last year as the No. 1 defense in the nation. I pat my teammates and myself on our backs for a job well done and for achieving what we did. I don't worry about all the other stuff because I don't read the newspapers or watch TV that much. It helps me focus more on my game and on the task at hand."

Wide Receiver Roy Williams
On if this weekend's game is going to come down to UT's offense against OU's defense
"I think it's going to be everything in the game. I think it's going to be special teams. They have run a couple of punts back for touchdowns this year, so they have pretty good special teams. We knew about the fake field goal against Missouri, so we are going to have to be hitting on all cylinders this week.

On RB Cedric Benson not playing in last year's game
"It was the fifth game of the season and he was a freshman coming in and didn't really know how to pick up blitzes and pass protections. With a year under his belt, he knows everything about the offense and we expect him to pick up in pass protection. He's a complete player now. I don't think he was a complete player at this time last year."

On the importance Saturday's game
"Like I said, it's just another game to me. It's No. 2 vs. No. 3 and somebody's going to lose. Someone's going to win and you don't have to win this game to go to the National Championship game. Big 12 teams being as good as they are, there's no telling. There might be an upset to any team in the Big 12 because each team is pretty good, so this game is just another game to me. It's just two good teams going at it and the best team will come out on top."

On if this weekend's game can be called a war
"With us going against the DB's every play, it's really not anything because we go against the best secondary in the nation everyday. Those guys are pretty good, but we'll go out there and make plays and they're going to make their plays too.

Quotes courtesy of www.texassports.com.

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