RECRUITING: Tampa OL has OU among favorites

Tampa, Fla. offensive lineman Donnie Woods talks about his interest in Oklahoma


JH: What has happened to your recruiting, especially with all the bad weather?

DW: "My first two visits have been cancelled. They were supposed to be to Tennessee and South Carolina, but bad weather wiped them out. I rescheduled my South Carolina trip for last weekend, but my brother got a call this last weekend from the military and he is getting shipped overseas. I hung out with him this past weekend and South Carolina understood. I haven't rescheduled South Carolina yet and I may not reschedule it."

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with you?

DW: "My top three are North Carolina this weekend, then Tennessee the 26th of this month when they play Georgia and then finally to Oklahoma on November 2nd, when they play Colorado."

JH: What are your thoughts on OU at this time?

DW: "Oklahoma is definitely one of my top three schools and I can say that Oklahoma is a top two school. I think it is going to come down to Oklahoma, probably Tennessee and I guess North Carolina is up there as well. I really like Oklahoma and I can't wait until I take my visit there."

JH: Is it because of Coach Wilson why you seem to like OU so much?

DW: "I like Coach Wilson and Coach Stoops. I think Coach Stoops is a players' coach and a great guy. I have seen some highlights of Oklahoma football and some of his halftime speeches and such. I think he is the kind of guy you would like to play for. Coach Wilson has been great and has already taken a great interest in me. He gave me some tips on run blocking that has really helped me this year. He is a just a great guy to talk to and he really knows his football."

JH: How is your season going right now?

DW: "We are 4-1 right now. We got upset the second week in the season by a district team. Every since then we made a few adjustments and we are averaging close to 50 points per game. I am also getting a chance to play defense which has been fun for me. I will not be getting many opportunities on defense in college so I am having fun with it while it lasts."

JH: You have some great teammates that OU is also interested in, what are your thoughts on them and just how interested are they in OU?

DW: "We have moved Andre (Caldwell) to quarterback and he is tearing it up. I think that Andre, our tight end Jamesly Gene and our running back Rashaun Grant will also visit OU. We won't come in on the same weekend, but we will all visit OU. I would say outside of myself, Jamesly or Rashaun might have the best interest in the OU.

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