Wilson says OL still has room for improvement

OU Offensive Line Coach and Run Game Coordinator Kevin Wilson talks about Missouri and Texas (Allsport/Ronald Martinez)

JH: Did your offensive line have a better game against Missouri?

KW: "It was better, but we can continue to get better by a lot. Thus far we keep having these peak-and-valley's where we play well one week and then we don't play well the next. However, we played harder, played more physical and found some things to build one, but we still have a lot of things to work on."

JH: Did you get what you wanted out of your pass protection against Missouri?

KW: "Yeah, it was decent. A couple of times we had easy deals against blitzes and we busted twice in the same place. We did get the ball off on those two plays, but Nate was having to throw off his back foot and he was just about falling down. We missed a touchdown on a post shot on one of them, then we missed a corner route down on the two-yard line where we didn't score. Nate had to bail out on the play and couldn't throw it the way he wanted to."

"You are going to have a mistake or two, but it was a simple deal and something we work on a lot. It was frustrating that we missed once and then we talked about it and the other tackle missed it two plays later. So, our pass protection was OK and it was better, but it can get better too."

JH: Isn't it tough to pass protect against all the things defenses are trying to do to you?

KW: "You can make it difficult, especially with all the multiple things that defenses give you. We need to keep from forcing our offensive line to think about too many things. If you don't watch it, you will have guys worrying about twenty different things and then you are in a quandary and they are not identifying and getting hats-on-hats."

"I think they did a good job last week. I like our start with our direction, as far as keeping things where our guys have a good handle and we are sound and solid. Nate has showed us if we can give him some time he is going to make some good plays. I think he is going to keep doing that."

JH: When you have a quarterback that has proven that he can deliver big for you how much does that fire the big guys up front up?

KW: "Without question a lot. We thought in the preseason that Nate was playing well. I made a comment when we named Jason (White) the starter that we were going to need Nate and we need to keep his spirits up. He has handled it well. No quarterback, I don't care if we are talking about Joe Montana or Johnny Unitas, could play well if he is falling off his back foot, or getting hit a lot. We are never going to be perfect and we make mistakes, but we are fighting and the pocket if firming up. Nate is standing tall and making good shots. Last week was a positive and something to build on. I wouldn't say that we are satisfied, but it was a great performance and it was nice to see the guys play that way."

JH: How did your young guys play in the game?

KW: It was nice to get them into the game. I should have got Davin (Joseph) in there more and I talked myself out of it in the second half when the game got tight. He is doing well and Jarod Fields got in there for the second half and the last drive in the first half. He played well in his first significant performance. Abner Estrada is doing well, but I haven't gotten him in the game yet, but I hope to soon. Vince had a great game against Missouri and I really couldn't take him out."

JH: Will you get Wes back for the Texas game?

KW: "Yes, he has been practicing. Kind of like Brad Davis, he had an injury that was uncomfortable for him, but was nothing really serious. We have preached and talked enough toughness that they are beginning to fight through certain things. He has looked good so far so I assume that he will be there on Saturday."

JH: Are you confident in Fields enough to start a tackle rotation?

KW: "Well, Jerod can do that, he can play both sides. I think that Jammal (Brown) is playing the best and unless he needs a blow, I like leaving him in there. I am counting on Sims being ready for Texas, but Jerod is my swing guy. I won't bust Jammal out unless he wants to come out."

JH: What about the speed Texas has on defense?

KW: "They have real fast guys like Derrick Johnson and Corey Redding, both are real good on the edge. Redding is also a tough man inside and really comes loaded. They are ranked second in the country on defense, which proves they are pretty good. I think we have some good players and we will piece together a plan that we feel can take advantage of some things."

"The key for us as an offense is that I think we are beginning to come together and play pretty well. Lets put together good games back-to-back, and quit having these peak's-and-valley's. Hopefully with Texas coming in they will get our full attention. I feel we have the guys that can go compete and play well too."

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