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Links to the latest articles covering Oklahoma's 35-24 win over Texas Saturday

October 13, 2002

Griffin's 248 yards dooms Texas for 3rd straight year: Daily Oklahoman

Stoops wins big prize at State Fair: Daily Oklahoman

Victory is just the tonic for Hybl: Daily Oklahoman

Elusive runner makes coaches' hunch pay off: Daily Oklahoman

Backers lower boom: Daily Oklahoman

Savage's return gives OU momentum: Daily Oklahoman

Longhorn's have no one to blame but themselves: Daily Oklahoman

OU-Texas Notes: Daily Oklahoman

Message to Simms easier to give them to receive: Norman Transcript

Mack just can't beat him: Norman Transcript

Cotton Kings: Norman Transcript

He has a habit of burning Texas: Norman Transcript

Same ole song is UT's demise: Austin American-Statesmen

Sooners the better: Austin American-Statesmen

Sooner game plan sets Griffin free: Austin American-Statesmen

Sooners roll the dice and Horns pay price: Austin American-Statesmen
Simms picked again in Cotton: Austin American-Statesmen

Oklahoma extends hold over Texas: Houston Chronicle

Brown more then meets his match in Stoops: Houston Chronicle

Defense quiets UT run game: Houston Chronicle

Griffin's 248 yards buries UT in sea of OU red: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

The difference in coaching foreshadow's the outcome: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

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