Tony Cade commits to Oklahoma

Tony Cade, FS  6-2, 200 4.45 Lewisville, Texas

About his commitment to OU on October 13th: "I like the environment there, they have a great family atmosphere. You gotta' go where your heart tells you. I visited Oklahoma several times and each time I had a good feeling about going there."

James Hale: "Did the atmosphere at Cotton Bowl Saturday help you decide?"

"No, not really, it didn't persuade me to choose OU.  I just wanted to experience the game, it was more for me."

James Hale: "What were your impressions Saturday?"

"When I first arrived I had my eyes wide open! I think I'd have ‘overload' playing in that game!  But the toughest team came out in the end.  There were several times when they could have folded, but the Sooner ‘D' came out and sucked it up bigtime."

James Hale: "Where will you play in the OU defense?"

"I don't know. I'm going to do anything and everything just to see the field. Free Safety and Strong Safety kind of tie in, there are quite a few similarities. It really doesn't matter where. 

James Hale: "What's your current size and what's a reasonable size you think you can get to?"

"Right now I'm 6-2, 200. I'll probably get up to about 210 next year and eventually level off at about 215."

James Hale: "Is Oklahoma your  final choice, will you take other visits, and what other schools were in the picture at the end?"

"Yes, it's final. I'm shutting it down now. I'd like to concentrate on my senior year. In the end I was considering Florida, UCLA, Texas and Miami in addition to Oklahoma."

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