RECRUITING: Cade talks about commitment

Lewisville, Texas safety Tony Cade talks about his verbal and joining teammate Demario Pleasant at OU


JH: Did you commit to OU tonight?

TC: "I have really been holding onto the commitment, because I have just thinking about what was best for me. I just felt the time was right and felt it was time to go ahead and get it done."

JH: Did the OU-Texas game have anything to do with you going ahead with your commitment?

TC: "No, it was a great college environment. Both teams have great programs, but there is just something about Oklahoma that leads me to believe that is the best place for me."

JH: You have been a lean to OU for quite sometime, what is it about the OU program that you like?

TC: "Oklahoma is just a straight forward program. The coaches treat you with respect and yet, give you the discipline that you need to succeed. All the players really get along and there appears to be a perfect family atmosphere. The players seem to support one another no matter what. Even when two players are fighting for the same job the other player supports him, no matter what the decision was. If I can come in a play as a freshman I know that the upperclassman will support me, just like it will be expected of me to support them if they start."

JH: What do you think of DeMario Pleasant also committing to OU tonight?

TC: "Actually, it was shock to me because we have not discussed that at all. We talked about it at first, but we haven't talked about it since. So, I was surprised, but very happy that he is going to OU as well. He is a good friend of mine and a great player as well."

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