RECRUITING: Woods says first visit set the bar

Tampa, Fla. offensive lineman Donnie Woods talks about the first of three scheduled visits


JH: How did your visit to North Carolina go?

DW: "It was great and I had a good time. The atmosphere before the game was great. They got beat, but the fans were really into it and they played very well in the first half. I got a chance to meet most of the coaches and I had a chance to run around with a lot of the players."

JH: Now that you have visited North Carolina has that changed your perception of the Tar Heels?

DW: "I look at it this way. North Carolina is the first school that I visited so they have set the bar so to speak. I figure somebody will have to be better than Coach Hunter or Coach Bunting. Now I will compare them against Coach Stoops or whatever coaches I visit and run into."

JH: When do you take your next two visits?

DW: "I go to Tennessee on October 26th and then I visit Oklahoma on the 2nd (November).

JH: Where does Oklahoma stand in your recruiting?

DW: "I would say they are still in my top two with North Carolina their top competition."

JH: Is it important that you come in and play as a true freshman?

DW: "I feel with my abilities that I can come in and at least get some playing time my freshman season. I don't want to go to a school that automatically wants to redshirt me. I don't think that I can go through a year and not play. I think that would be to hard for me. At Oklahoma and North Carolina, I think that I can get in and get on that two-deep, especially since I am a semester grad and will be going through spring practice with whatever school I sign with."

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