RECRUITING: Ross still an OU lean?

Shreveport, La. receiver talks about his interest in OU, Texas and Tennessee


JH: Are you totally healthy how?

TR: "Yes, I am healthy now and I have returned to action. We are 5-1 and right now I am taking each game one at a time. Thus far I have 17 catches for 203 yards. Things are going pretty well for me, considering I had knee injury and I missed all that playing time and practice time."

JH: Did you watch the OU/Texas game this weekend?

TR: "Yes sir, I did. I thought OU was pretty good and they did what they had to do to win the game. Things started out pretty slow for them, but by the fourth quarter they were rolling along pretty well. I don't think the wide receivers got the ball as much as they would have liked to because Quentin Griffin was having such a big day. I think when they were called upon they came through."

JH: How is recruiting going for you?

TR: "I have been to Texas and I will visit Oklahoma this weekend. Texas was nice and I liked the coaching staff. I really liked the town and I had a lot of fun that weekend."

JH: Did your visit to Texas change your perception of the Longhorns at all?

TR: "No, not really. I still like Texas pretty well, but I don't think the visit changed my thoughts on them at all. They suffered a tough loss this weekend, but everybody loses every once in a while. I still like Texas a lot and I am still considering them at this time."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

TR: "I still like Oklahoma a lot and they are playing really well. They got a big victory this weekend and played really well. My feelings on OU haven't changed since the summer and I still like OU a great deal. I would say that I still lean toward Oklahoma a little bit."

JH: Aren't you still looking at Tennessee?

TR: "My third visit will be to Tennessee and I will visit them last on November 9th. I could see myself playing in all three offenses and that is part of my problem deciding. I still have a tough decision in front of me."

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