RECRUITING: Top center set to visit Norman

Beaver Creek, Ohio Center Alison Bales talks about her interest in Oklahoma


Bales is regarded as the ninth best prep women's basketball player in the country. She is the tallest player the Sooners have ever recruited and is a true indication how the Final Four has open many doors for Sherri Coale and her staff. Earlier tonight I had a chance to talk to Bales as she gets set to visit OU this weekend.

JH: How does it make you feel to be rated among the top ten players in the country?

AB: "I think it is an honor because there are a lot of really talented players out there. So, I am flattered that people speak so highly of me."

JH: How did your AAU team play this summer?

AB: "It went really well and we had a lot of fun. We ended up winning nationals and we had several really talented players. Brandie Hoskins of Dayton, Ohio, was on that team and OU is recruiting her as well."

JH: You are visiting OU this weekend aren't you?

AB: "Yes, I visit Oklahoma this weekend."

JH: What are your thought on Oklahoma?

AB: "Oklahoma is an excellent basketball program and I have enjoyed meeting all the coaches. I am really looking forward to visiting them this weekend."

JH: What other schools are you considering?

AB: "I am considering Ohio State, Duke, Notre Dame and Maryland. I have already visited Maryland and Notre Dame."

JH: How did your first two visits go?

AB: "I had a good time on both visits, but nothing completely out of the ordinary really happened. I had a good time meeting all the support staff and touring the campus at both schools. I had a pretty good time, but I want to go on all my visits before I make any kind of decision."

JH: What are some of the main things you are looking for to help you make your decision?

AB: "The main thing is how comfortable I will feel at the school. How I feel around the coaches and players that I will be basically living with over the next few years. I want a great academic program that will allow me to prosper academically and challenge me as well. I want to go to a college where a degree means a lot and where the basketball program takes pride in what their students do academically"

JH: What were your statistics last season?

AB: "I averaged about 17 points and 10 rebounds per game. My game is still in the process of developing I think. I have been working on running the floor better and on my footwork. I think I am getting better."

JH: Do you have a leader?

AB: "I like all the schools and kind of for all different reasons. So, I really can't point out a leader.

"Last year Oklahoma was very successful when they went to the Final Four and did so well. I went to the Final Four last year and and Coach Coale waved to me from the bench. I am not sure how they will do this year, but I think they have a great program for the future."

"Maryland has a new coaching staff and they are really enthusiastic about developing new players. I think they care about the players and stuff."

"Duke is very successful and they return a lot of players from last years Final Four team and they have one of the best players in the country. They also have a great recruiting class coming in."

"That is the same with Notre Dame in that they recruited a great freshman class two years ago and they have a point guard from Dayton, Ohio."

"Ohio State has a new coaching staff and he is basically starting over with some pretty good talent and I think they are really developing that program."

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