RECRUITING: Brewer set to visit Norman

Transcript of James Hale's KREF Sports Radio interview with Fayetteville, Ark. guard Ronnie Brewer. Brewer is one of Kelvin Sampson's top remaining prospects

One of Oklahoma's few remaining targets is swingman Ronnie Brewer out of Fayetteville, Arkansas. Many believe Ronnie can be a better player than his famous dad, Ron, who played under Eddie Sutton at Arkansas and later in the NBA. The following is a transcript of my interview with Ronnie Wednesday morning on The Ref.

James Hale: "You know college basketball history and don't run from the notoriety of your dad, you relish and embrace it."

Ronnie Brewer: "Yes sir, I'm proud of his record, but I'm also my own person with my own game."

James Hale: "Tell us about your game."

Ronnie Brewer: "I handle the ball a lot and also bring an offensive attack to the game, but I also realize I have to rebound and defend. I try to be aggressive and make plays on both ends. I try to play my own game."

James Hale: "You handle the ball, you shoot, you can play the wing. Where do you want to end up?"

Ronnie Brewer: "Most people think I can play the one, two or three position, but probably the one or two mostly. I don't have a problem handling the ball, but I'm probably not the typical point guard.

James Hale: "D you want to take the big shot, to have the all when the games' on the line?"

Ronnie Brewer: "Sure, I think everyone player wants that."

James Hale: "Talk about you junior year. What were your stats?

Ronnie Brewer: "I averaged 27 ppg; nine rebounds; six assists; three steals and two blocks.

James Hale: "You also had a good AAU summer."

Ronnie Brewer: "Yes, we did very well nationally. I went to several camps and played in the Big Time Tournament in Las Vegas as well."

James Hale: "When it comes down to recruiting, what schools are you most interested in, and who will you visit?

Ronnie Brewer: "I visited Arkansas, last week, OU this weekend, then Uconn the next and OSU the week afterwards. I may take one more visit but I don't have it set and may not take it."

James Hale: "What are your thoughts on Oklahoma, and your upcoming visit this weekend?"

Ronnie Brewer: "I'm very excited about it. I'm anxious to interact with the players. And then there's the football game. I'm looking forward to a chance to see them practice, a chance to talk to the coaches and academic people."

James Hale: "Have you heard all about the new facilities and all the things they're doing here?"

Ronnie Brewer: "Sure, that's good, but I also think I want to see the entire campus and experience the campus environment."

James Hale: "Your dad was a great player at Arkansas, you're right there in Fayetteville, is there a lot of pressure to go to Arkansas?"

Ronnie Brewer: "There's some pressure to stay, and it'd be nice to continue his legacy here at Arkansas, but I'm open to going out of state as well. Sometimes it's good to get out from under the shadow of your parents and try to grow up a little bit. But it comes down to where I'm most comfortable."

James Hale: "Your thoughts about OSU?"

Ronnie Brewer: "I have a great relationship with the coaches. My dad obviously knows coach Sutton very well. They came to most of my AAU games and watched me play. I was at their game last year with Cincinnati. It was a great atmosphere and I had a good time. But I really didn't have an opportunity to meet any of the academic people on that visit."

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