RECRUITING: Headed to Norman for the big game?

Hebron, Texas linebacker Lewis Baker talks about recruiting and last weekend's OU-Texas game

LEWIS BAKER, LB, 6-3, 205, 4.5, HEBRON, TEXAS:

JH: What did you think of the OU-Texas game?

LB: "Mack Brown got out-coached. It was a good game and the atmosphere was awesome. It was my first time going to it and it was a very incredible experience. I was there with some big-time recruits. People were on their feet the entire time and I have never been to a game where nobody sat down. That was the first time I went to an OU game. I went to a Texas game last year when they pounded Kansas."

JH: Did the game enhance your opinion of Oklahoma or change you opinion at all on either school?

LB: "I guess it enhances it with Oklahoma. They are doing things right in Norman. You can tell. Texas had the second ranked team in the country and they couldn't stop Quentin Griffin. OU ran that draw play the whole game and Texas couldn't figure out anything to stop it. OU would have thrown for about 400 yards if their quarterback hadn't been off his game a little. I want to go to a program that is winning and Oklahoma is winning."

JH: When will be the next time you take a close look at OU?

LB: "I am coming up to Norman this week to watch Senecca Wallace and the Iowa State. Seneca is something else. isn't he?"

JH: How is recruiting shaping up with you?

LB: "I can't wait to take my visits. I am ready to come up to OU and see that program up front. I go to Notre Dame the week before I go to OU. I go to Notre Dame (12-6) and OU (12-13). That is it as of now, but I am probably going to visit Vanderbilt as well. I am still trying to decide on the other two. Some new schools are beginning to show an interest. Miami and Florida have just offered and Florida State is beginning to call."

JH: Do you have a serious interest in the Florida schools?

LB: "I grew up in Florida right where the Gators play, but that doesn't really matter. I would kind of like to stay close to home, but that isn't really a factor.

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