Stoops Addresses Bradford's Status

The Sooners had a tough night in their loss to Texas Tech in addition to losing the game they also lost some of their key contributors when Sam Bradford, DeMarco Murray, and Alan Davis were all afflicted. Judging by what Stoops said in his weekly press conference it looks optimistic that Bradford will play against Oklahoma State.

Up by a score of 7-0 after an interception return for a touchdown and possession of the ball in great field position it looked like the Oklahoma Sooners were about to take control of the game when senior running back Allen Patrick fumbled the ball.

Tech picked up the ball and signal caller Sam Bradford stepped up to make the touchdown saving tackle, but in the process he was knocked to the ground and suffered a mild concussion. He was unable to finish the game and he may be forced to be sidelined for this weeks Bedlam rivalry as well.

Joey Halzle may end up getting the nod against Oklahoma State when the teams face off on Saturday if Bradford is unable to go, but at this point judging by what Stoops informed the media during his press conference Sooner fans should feel optimistic about the chances Bradford will indeed be ready to go.

"He did some throwing yesterday in practice and he will do even more today. He is scheduled to go through practice," Stoops said.

"(Bradford) has been sitting and watching some tape and going through the motions on tape. He is always scheduled with Josh (Huepel) at different times of the day and from what I understand he had a positive session today. He processed everything really well and recognizes and understands. His feedback is what you expect, so hopefully that continues."

Halzle did a solid job filling in as he completed 21-of-41 passes for 291 yards and two touchdowns, but Stoops admits that the gameplan must be tweaked for Halzle style of play.

"I thought Joey really handled it in that situation about as well as you can expect," Stoops informed. "You have to alter it (gameplan) to some degree. The offensive coaches really try to focus on what are the best plays that fit Joey, so there is a little bit of an adjustment that way (as you) try to tailor what is going to fit him."

"You pick and choose what passing routes fit him more. On top of that I felt we have to be able to run it better in that situation. We were inconsistent doing it."

The type of concussion Bradford sustained usually takes around one week of recovery time, but it is definitely a positive sign that he is set to make a return to practice and seems to be understanding the scope of what he is supposed to be doing in the offense.

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