Courtney Paris Still Streaking

After reviewing game film, officials from both Oklahoma and Mississippi State have agreed to the correction of 36 statistical errors by the host crew from their Nov. 23 game. Among them were two rebounds that were not initially credited to Courtney Paris. With the rebounds, Paris' record double-double streak continues.

Turns out Courtney Paris' streak is alive and well.

After an official review of Oklahoma's win over Mississippi State played Friday, Nov. 23, both schools have agreed to the correction of 36 indisputable scoring errors in the original statistics, it was announced Thursday.

"It's not uncommon to have statistical discrepancies in these types of tournaments, where volunteers have to work four or five games a day," Oklahoma head coach Sherri Coale said. "I'm pleased we were able to get an accurate and fair representation of our game. It obviously means a lot to us and Mississippi State."

The errors in record keeping by the host statistical crew did not affect the final score of the game, an 88-73 win for the Sooners. The game was played at the Caribbean Challenge in Cancun, Mexico.

Among the changes, however, were two extra rebounds credited to Courtney Paris. Those rebounds gave her 10 for the game, thus keeping alive her double-double streak, which is now officially at 66 games.

"I'm happy for Courtney that her streak continues and that if it ends, it will be determined on the court and not on paper," Coale said.

OU associate media relations director Jared Thompson noticed discrepancies in statistics he took for the team's radio broadcast from Cancun and the official box score kept by the host crew.

In the locker room postgame, OU staff members also informed Thompson that their record of turnovers did not match the official box score, prompting his review of the game video.

"Initially, I was concerned that scoring errors affected the individual statistics for both teams' players and, possibly, the final score." Thompson said. "We knew right after the game that they had not counted offensive fouls as turnovers and there were discrepancies in the number of total field goal attempts, so I wanted to see what else was incorrect.

"After I reviewed the tape, it was apparent that there were numerous scoring errors."

Video of Oklahoma's game versus Arizona State on Thursday, Nov. 22, showed seven indisputable scoring errors. Officials from both schools were able to correct and confirm in an on-site review. By the time the review of the Mississippi State game was completed, the Lady Bulldogs had left the site.

Oklahoma sent a formal letter and video to Mississippi State Monday requesting a review of the game's statistics, which was returned Thursday morning.

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