Stoops Makes BCS Title Game Bid for Sooners

While a lot of other teams were watching games on TV Saturday, Oklahoma was busy beating the No. 1 team in the country - and handily at that. That's enough to vault the Sooners into the BCS Championship game, at least that's what Sooner coach Bob Stoops thinks.

Everyone from Georgia's Mark Richt to LSU's Les Miles to USC's Pete Carroll made sure to call ESPN late Saturday night to make their respective pitches to voters.

The reason? The No. 1 and 2 teams in the country fell to defeat earlier in the evening, opening up a plethora of choices for the BCS Championship game.

Deserved or not, Ohio State was going to make its way to New Orleans.

But who else? Most agreed it would be a two-loss team, but which team was still up in the air.

Hence the phone calls by the coaches. They wanted their voice heard on a national level.

One coach not only got to make his voice heard, but his team was able to make a statement on the field earlier in the night.

Bob Stoops' Oklahoma Sooners manhandled No. 1 Missouri 38-17 in the Big XII championship game.

In the press conference afterward, Stoops was given the opportunity to politic for his 11-2 team.

"I'm glad you asked," he said with a grin when a reporter gave him the opportunity just two questions into the press conference. "It's an uncomfortable position, I think all of us sitting here trying to persuade everyone. But in the end let's look at it. I mean, you all just voted them (Missouri) the No. 1 team in the country in the last week of the year and we beat them on a neutral field by 21 points."

Stoops even took time to address his team's losses.

"We lost a game without a quarterback," he said referring to the Sooners' 34-27 loss two weeks ago at Texas Tech when Sam Bradford was forced out of the game with a concussion on the Sooners' first offensive snap." An excuse? Yeah, but it's the truth."

He also brought up the loss to Colorado, which he noted was a road game that came down to the last play.

Stoops said he'd like voters to clean their slates and take a look at what Oklahoma did Saturday night – as opposed to some other teams.

"Some teams are sitting at home not playing anymore. We're sitting here playing the No. 1 team in the country," he said. "Again, it wasn't me here, you know, everyone else voted them No. 1 all week too. And so to end up to play so well against them I think speaks for itself too. Again, to be on the neutral field and win by 21 points is pretty strong."

Stoops was given one last opportunity to plead his case.

He didn't back down.

"I don't see anyone else playing No. 1 in the country beating them on the neutral field by 21. That's about all I can do," he said. "Hopefully it matters to somebody."

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