RECRUITING: Ross says OU in it until the end

Shreveport, La wide receiver Tristen Ross talks about his visit during the Iowa State game


JH: How did your visit go to OU this weekend?

TR: "I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the game and the coaches."

JH: What did you think about OU tremendous effort on Saturday?

TR: "I thought it was pretty impressive for the defense to check Seneca Wallace like they did. It was pretty exciting to watch."

JH: What did you think about the Sooners' offense in the rain?

TR: "The offense that OU is using now is something similar to what we are doing in high school. They are beginning to run the ball more and we are starting to utilize the run more as well. So, if I did indeed choose OU I don't think the transition would be that difficult for me because I already know some of the things that they are doing."

JH: Did the visit enhance your thoughts on OU or did they hinder your thoughts on OU?

TR: "It enhanced my thoughts on OU and helped get me closer to making my decision with them. However, I have one more visit to Tennessee on November 9 and I need to take that visit and then weigh all my options. Once I get back from Tennessee then I need to sit down and figure everything out."

JH: Did you have a leader or a top two right now?

TR: "I am trying to keep my options open and I would rather not put schools in order, but it is safe to say that Oklahoma is going to be in the running until the end."

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