RECRUITING: Juco safety leaning to OU?

California Junior College safety Donte Nicholson says he could see himself going to OU


JH: How did you like your visit to OU this weekend?

DN: "It was very surprising. I loved it. I was very impressed with everything that I witnessed. The OU fans were really great and the coaching was fantastic. I finally had a chance to meet the entire coaching staff and they were really nice. I met most of the players and they were great, and the players and coaches got along very well. It was a real family atmosphere at OU."

JH: What did you think about the game?

DN: "I was very impressed. Wow! That defense is something else. They held Iowa State to 60 yards and that was amazing. To shut down a Heisman candidate like that was truly amazing."

JH: Did you like how the safeties were used?

DN: "I love how they play their safetyies. I think I could fit into that strong safety spot or that nickel spot very well. I play that position right now on my junior college team. I loved how they blitzed their safety and feel I can do that pretty well. I can see myself playing at Oklahoma."

JH: Did you change your opinion of OU on your visit?

DN: "The visit certainly enhances my thoughts on OU. Every since I have been home I have been telling everybody how impressed I am with OU. I told everybody that I loved OU and that I didn't want to come back. It was tough to get on that plane and come home."

JH: Did you almost commit to OU?

DN: "Yeah, I almost committed to OU. I decided at the last minute to go back home and take the rest of my trips to make sure. OU is at the very top of my list. You can count on that."

JH: Is OU your leader right now?

DN: "Yes, they are. I will go to Washington on November 19th and then take my last one to Oregon on December 15th. I will also take an official visit to USC on December 6th. My final decision will come down to OU and one of these other schools. OU is playinga big-time football right now and if they keep playing like they are they will be playing for the national championship once again."

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