Fire Stoops? Not a Chance

Losses like the one Oklahoma suffered Wednesday to West Virginia in the Fiesta Bowl bring the haters out of the woodworks. A lot of them this year are calling for Bob Stoops' job. Sure it's a very small minority, but we still felt the need to address the 'haters' with some rational thought on what Stoops has done for Oklahoma.

I was awakened this morning by the beeping of my phone, the clear signal that a text message had come my way.

It was an OSU buddy of mine who no doubt had something to say about Oklahoma's 48-28 loss to underdog West Virginia in Wednesday night's Fiesta Bowl.

"What do ganja and Bob Stoops have in common?" it read.

Wait for it….

Here it comes….

"They both get smoked in bowls."

Turns out it was the first of several text messages of the very same joke I've received today. I'll be sending all of you a portion of my bill.

And, as of now, the joke is sadly true.

Once I was awake, two things became apparent: 1. The sun did rise this morning, which probably came as a shock to several Sooner fans, and, 2. I was going to have to make an attempt to moderate the forums on this website.

Every time Oklahoma has lost a "big" game in the past, I've made it a point to stay away from message boards and sports talk radio. I could handle the latter, but the former is now part of my job.

And as many of you've read, I wasn't disappointed (well, surprised is a better word).

There were more than a handful of "Fire Stoops" threads under way and they're very popular whether it's people agreeing or disagreeing with the notion.

In fact, the very thread of the aforementioned named is six pages long, has garnered 102 replies and more than 7,700 views as this is being written.

Apparently, folks are tired of "being embarrassed on a national stage."

They're tired of losing bowl games, namely those with the BCS tag, which Oklahoma has done four straight times now.

"Stoops has lost the ability to win the big one."

"We got (sic) to get us a coach that can win these games."

It goes on and on and Stoops isn't the only one taking shots. His coordinators, namely Brent Venables and Kevin Wilson, have had their jobs called for as well.

And you know what? That's fine. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. However, sometimes I feel like having the ability to offer those opinions should be licensed, like driving, because there are a lot of "bad drivers" out there.

To be fair, it's far from a majority of the Sooner Nation being so idiotic. However, the squeaky wheel gets all the attention.

So, let us ask all those who are ready to ship Stoops off…


Is it because he's lost the last four BCS bowl games in which the Sooners have played?

Let's take a look at that…you're mad because Stoops has lost four BCS games in a five-year span. Nevermind the fact that Stoops and Company got us to those BCS games.

Think about it. Oklahoma has played in four BCS games in five years and you want to get rid of the coach who has put us in that position.

That's like Jessica Simpson showing me her "goods" but not letting me test them out – and me getting mad at her for it. Nevermind that I got to see "them" in the first place, which 99.9 percent of the people will never get to do (like a majority of college FB teams will never play in a BCS bowl).

I should just be happy with the opportunity I had, hope I get it again and improve my game enough then to capitalize on that opportunity.

Forget my horrible analogy (and with deepest apologies to our lady readers). But wanting to fire Stoops for losing four straight BCS bowls is ridiculous.

What were Oklahoma's records those years? 12-2 in 2003 (with the loss to LSU in the Sugar); 12-1 in 2004 (USC in the Orange); 11-3 in 2006 (Boise State in Fiesta); and 11-3 this season. That's a 46-9 record. HORRENDOUS!

Heck Barry Switzer lost more than that during a three-season stretch from 1981-83 in which his teams finished 7-4-1, 8-4 and 8-4. Good thing we let him stick around.

During that three-year stretch, OU played in two bowl games and won one of them.

Is that what you'd prefer? Lose four games, but have a better bowl record? Not me.

So is it because we're tired of being "embarrassed on a national stage?"

Well, before Stoops, our national stage consisted of the regrettable Howard Schnellenberger saga, the annual Texas showdown and an occasional bowl appearance.

Since his arrival and the 2000 national championship, Oklahoma is on TV every week and dozens of times it's been national.

Stoops is 97-22 in nine seasons. Sheesh. That's a ton of embarrassment.

He can't win the big one?

The Sooners won zero Big XII titles before Stoops' arrival. They've won five since 2000, by far the most of any school in the conference. He's won the conference championship three of the last four years and owns a 6-3 record against Texas.

Yeah, that sucks.

All this is not the long-winded way of pumping sunshine to our readers.

The fact is, Stoops has lost four BCS games in a row and the last two were against teams that most people felt were inferior to the Sooners. In those losses, Oklahoma has not looked like a team that "wanted it more."

At times, in fact, you'd almost swear they wished they were somewhere else.

So something does need to change and Stoops admitted as much in his post-game press conference. Maybe some different approaches to coaching and preparation will be just what the Sooners need to reverse the recent trend.

I'm all for that because I hate a Sooner loss just as much as the next guy.

So, yeah, something needs to be done. There needs to be a mix-up.

But I'm sorry, bandwagoners, getting rid of Bob Stoops is the last thing that needs to happen.

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