Stoops talks about BCS

Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops talked about OU's No. 1 BCS ranking among other topics at his weekly press conference Tuesday in Norman

The following are excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' weekly press conference at the Barry Switzer Center Tuesday in Norman.

On being No. 1 in the BCS
"That's fine. It's good. All it means is that for the first seven games and the first half of this season we've played in a great way."

"We've put ourselves in a great position. I think it's evident that our strength of schedule, which people early in the year wanted to criticize, they see that they were wrong. Our schedule is what it is, proved by the BCS formula that we're in a great position provided we win. We understand that. What really matters is what we're going to do for the next five or six weeks is what will determine where we'll end up."

"I don't believe they give out any trophies for the first week of the BCS if you're No. 1. I don't think we'll be receiving any trophies here this week. Really, it doesn't matter to us. We recognize that all we need to do is win our next game. And that's what we're looking toward."

More on the BCS
"It's great for fans. It's great for all of you, the media, because it gives the radio something to talk about. In the newspaper, something to fill the paper up with. That's all great. I've got no problem with it. As far as us though, we've got to go play and we've got to win. We recognize that so we're going to keep our goals firmly in front of us and pursue those. We know with each win games get bigger and more important. We like being in that position and we'll try and continue and improve as we go. That's the way we've done things here and hopefully we'll get a little better as we go through the year."

On the play of quarterback Nate Hybl against Iowa State
"Nate had an excellent day throwing the football, managing the game, handling the ball in the bad weather. Those of you that were not down on the field, it was probably worse then you realize from the box. It was a tough day. He was great."

"Quentin (Griffin) fumbles on one occasion and he (Nate Hybl) was there sliding in to recover it. It was a big play because I believe we ended up scoring on that drive."

"Nate's been a great leader. People want to jump on one game or one throw here or there. Let's bring up Seneca Wallace, who again I'm complimenting, I think he's a great college football player. But when you play against good defenses you're going to have your tough times. Every play isn't going to go your way and usually a really good, quality defense is going to make their share of plays too."

"Nate played a good team two weeks ago in Texas and had a few tough plays, but comes back against a good team in Iowa State and managed the game in a great way. We're really excited about how he's playing and I anticipate as we go through the year he's going to continue to do well."

On putting together a non-conference schedule that helps the team improve and also is good for the BCS
"I think you're constantly trying to build and improve as you're going through the year. Some of your earlier games are tougher then others and some may not be perceived as tough, but we recognized all along that South Florida was a good football team. And now people are realizing it. We knew it from watching them play last year, watching 11-12 games from last season where the media doesn't. They just here a name. We saw the players they had and the way they were playing and they're playing well."

"We're going to have our games that are marquee games that are tough. You're going to always have one or two teams there that are going to win a good number of games. Sometimes others may not do as well. I think for the last three years if you look at our scheduling, Joe Castiglione and I have put together a decent schedule that's good for the BCS formula. And it's been really good to help us develop as a team and improve as we go."

On freshmen lineman Davin Joseph
"Davin Joseph played an excellent game Played almost half of the game at right guard and played really well. He's a very athletic guard. A guy that came here as a d-tackle but has been moved to offensive guard, and he's happy with it and loves it. He's really good at pulling and running. We'll just give him more and more snaps and help him to mature. He's going to be awfully good."

On the play of the secondary
"The secondary has really come together in the last couple of games. Going back through Iowa State I'm not so sure what Seneca Wallace was to do. When you look at the coverage that's out there, there's very small windows of opportunity to get the ball in there. We were covering in a great way. Andre Woolfolk's coverage was outstanding. Derrick Strait had an interception in his coverage. Brandon Everage was all over the field. Eric's (Bassey) playing better and Antonio Perkins has a deflection down there at the goal line. They're all doing there part, and I believe overall as a whole, they're all playing at a better level then they were a year ago. Whether that will continue is what's really going to matter and help us, if they'll continue to play at that peak level."

On what the defense did to stop Iowa State "Those guys (defensive coaches) had a great plan. I think it was obvious we changed up some of our pressures that may have thrown them off a little bit. I think we took away some routes and plays that they really like and tried to make them make some other throws they weren't used to throwing. We still tackled well when we got to the ball. That's always a factor. No matter how you design something you still have to be physical and tackle. And in their run game we were able to do that, which was big factor."

On the status of Brent Rawls
"I don't know what his progress is yet. He hasn't played, so he hasn't had much progress. When they'll turn him loose fully, I don't even know. He's out there practicing some and throwing the ball in drills."

On being more balanced against Iowa State and Texas
"We want to be able to be good at both. I'm not concerned that something is 50-50 the way it's called. What I'm concerned with when you run it or throw it is that your opportunity for success is there because it's something that you do well. That's what I mean by balance, that you can hurt someone equally by running and throwing. We're going to keep pushing for that. Some of it depends on how they defend you and how good they are defensively."

"I was watching Alabama against Ole Miss and you don't see a lot of people running on them. They're pretty decent. Some games you're going to be able do it, others you may not. You've got to be able win doing both. We've been able to do that. We've won in different styles. Hopefully we'll continue to do that."

"In the last two games we have run well when we wanted to run, regardless of what they're in. Rather than in the past just being able to run when they give it to us."

On the off-week
"This is a great time for an off-week. Why not? We have one. We'll use it wisely, improve in some areas hopefully. We're as healthy as we've been. Same as going into last week's game. I anticipate everyone practicing this week. Hopefully we'll just continue to improve and polish up. We've been pretty good on having extra time to prepare for people. Get a little extra work, add some new wrinkles that will hopefully help us finish out our next five games starting with Colorado."

On if they build their non-conference schedule with teams they think could help them in the BCS
"To a point. But we understand that if they're a quality team they're going to win their share of games. I'm not smart enough to figure know all that computer stuff. I know that if they win enough they're going to help you."

On if they look at what a team may add to their strength of schedule before making the schedule
"Not so much on polls and computers but more on wins. If you've got quality people on your schedule you're going to be fine. We play in a great league, so really in the end that's what is going to matter. We don't have any problem with quality of points in this league."

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