RECRUITING: Illinois OL sets visits

Wheaton, Illinois offensive lineman Akim Millington names his three favorites. Did OU make the cut?


JH: How is your season going?

AM: "Right now we are 8-0 and tomorrow is our last home game and we should win that game and be undefeated in the conference. If we lose then we would tie for the district championship. But we won't lose and we will finish our district play undefeated."

JH: Does it give you a big advantage if you win your district?

AM:"It doesn't really give us that much of an advantage for the playoffs because we go into quadrants for the playoffs and we will play teams we have never played before this year. However, we are one of the best teams in the state and should hold our own."

JH: How is recruiting going?

AM: "I have scheduled all my planned visits. My first visit will be to OU on November 2nd. Then I go to Iowa (11-19), Boston College (1-16), Miami (12-6) and finish with Wisconson (12-13). I will make my decision on the December 21."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

AM: "I still love the school and they are still in my top three. I just need to go to their campus and see what it is like so that I can get all the information that I need to make a decision."

JH: Does the fact that OU is ranked number one make any kind of impression on you?

AM: "It makes a pretty considerable difference. It is very impressive that they are ranked number one, but I still have to make a decision based on the quality of the program."

JH: You mentioned that OU is in your top three, who are your other two?

AM: "Wisconson and Iowa are the other two. I would say I like the same things right now that I like at Oklahoma. I like the coaching staff and the quality of the programs. I feel you can get a quality education at all three schools."

JH: How are you playing?

AM: "I am down to 290 pounds right now and I am playing both ways. I have graded out at over 90 percent each game. I have somewhere around 60 pancakes. I am also playing fullback right now and we have just started doing it this week. I am looking forward to blocking and maybe getting a carry in our last regular season game."

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