What Could Possibly Happen Next?

Last-second losses. Wrong side of a Bedlam blowout. Defections to the NFL. Losing Blake Griffin. It's not been pretty the last few days for Oklahoma Sooner fans. Sooners Illustrated takes a look at the rough stretch with hopes of things looking up before nightfall on Tuesday.

It's been a rough stretch for Oklahoma Sooner fans these last few days – a string of bad news that really tests the ol' loyalty.

OK, so nobody is seriously suggesting a change of allegiances due to everything that's happened since Saturday, but how much more can we take?

Not that we're trying to push you off that ledge you're currently peeking over, but let's take a look back at what we've had to endure:

1. Oklahoma loses to Kansas State at home Saturday on a last second-shot by Michael Beasley in the Big XII opener.

As if losing near the buzzer doesn't hurt bad enough…then you have to face the reality that this was a HUGE conference game as the Sooners need to win all their home games and try to steal one or two on the road. Now Oklahoma has to find a way to steal an extra game away from Lloyd Noble to make up for this loss if it hopes to land in the NCAA Tournament.

2. Oklahoma State whips Oklahoma Saturday in the first round of women's Bedlam in Stillwater.

A relative of mine who was in Gallagher-Iba said the game was every bit as bad as the 82-63 final would indicate. The loss ended a string of 17 straight wins by Oklahoma in the series and snapped a 10-game win streak for the season. On top of that, OSU's Andrea Riley scored 45 points, the most ever allowed by an OU women's team. If anything, this proves that the league is catching up to Oklahoma. In fact, the loss might turn into a positive in helping Sherri Coale's team refocus for the remainder of the schedule.

3. Curtis Lofton announces on Monday that he's headed to the NFL.

Personally, I couldn't be happier for Curtis. I've known him since he was in elementary school and he's always proven to not only be a tremendous player, but a kid who's smarter than most people give him credit for. He caught a lot of flack in his immediate surroundings a few years back when he chose OU over OSU. He was told he'd just become a number, a special teams player or never see the field. It was a decision he struggled over, but I think we'd all agree it worked all well for both he and Oklahoma. I know the same thought and consideration was put into this decision. Curtis took a week away from everything and everyone to clear his mind and sort out everything. He rushed to no decision, so I know he made the one that was right for him. But as a Sooner fan? This sucks. We just lost the opportunity to watch, for one more year, possibly the best linebacker to wear the crimson and cream (at least one of the best). It wasn't just the numbers he put up, but how he did it. Nobody had a knack for the "big play" like Curtis did in 2007. Now the Sooners have to find a way to not only replace the best linebacker in the Bob Stoops era, but shore up a thin and questionable linebacker corps.

4. Kansas throttles Oklahoma on national television on "Big Monday," and that was the good news…

If you were like me, you were reading Blake Griffin's lips when trainers and coaches were at his side five minutes into Oklahoma's 85-55 loss to the third-ranked Jayhawks. As they examined his knee, you saw him say, "I felt it pop." My stomach turned. OU falling to 0-2 in the conference was all but a foregone conclusion before tipoff. Kansas is just too good for the Sooners to handle at this point and that's with Griffin – by far the Sooners' best player – on the court. But here we are in the early stages and we're staying at the reality of having lost him for the season. Our fears were lessened later in the night when it was reported it was possibly just an MCL strain. As of writing this, we still don't know anymore but certainly don't expect the Sooners to have Griffin's services on Saturday when they host Texas Tech.

Thank goodness for Sunday, which was void of Sooner heartache. Unless, of course, you're a Dallas Cowboy fan such as myself, but that's another column.

What next? Can it get any worse?

Sure it could.

Joe Castiglione could resign tomorrow and we could have Steve Pederson announced as the next athletic director.

Bob Stoops could follow Joe C. out the door only to have Bill Callahan take up shop in Stoops' old office. The f'in hillbillies would love that.

Think about that.

The fact is, it's been a tough stretch. Another fact is that it will get better – it always does.

In fact, things could look up beginning tonight when Jameel Owens and Stacy McGee announce their decisions in Muskogee. OU is on both their short lists.

Let's just hope we haven't jinxed anything in the meantime…

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