RECRUITING: Georgia RB set for visit

Running back Jason Evans is committed to Penn State, but says the Sooners have a shot


JH: How is your season going?

JE: "We are currently 8-0 and ranked second behind Parkview, who is ranked second in the nation. Hopefully we can play them in the playoffs. I have 820 yards rushing, a little over 400 receiving and 13 touchdowns on the season."

JH: Are they throwing the ball to you a lot out of the backfield?

JE: "Yes, I catch the ball quite a bit right out of backfield. We run a wing-T so I line up in a lot of different areas to catch the ball."

JH: Are you still going to visit OU this weekend?

JE: "Yes, I will be visiting Oklahoma this weekend. If I signed with OU, they would have an immediate opportunity because their running back graduates after this year. I realize they have some other good running backs, but even with that OU's running back always will get a shot at the pro's and I feel that is something that is very positive about OU."

JH: Aren't you still committed to Penn State?

JE: "I am still committed to Penn State, but I want to visit a school like Oklahoma to make sure I am committed to the right school."

JH: Does OU or any school really have any chance to sign you outside of Penn State?

JE: "They do have a chance, but they will have to be better than Penn State."

JH: What is it about Penn State that you like?

JE: "I went down there this summer and to the game against Nebraska and it seemed like a great fit for me. I really like the coaches there and the players seem to care for me as well."

JH: Will you take any other visits beside OU and Penn State?

JE: "I will probably be going to Stanford as well, but I haven't set a visit yet. I would probably go there in a couple of weeks."

JH: It sounds like you like the one-back offense?

JE: "I like running out of the one-back set, or an offense that needs a running back to be a multiple style of running back."

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