Barnett says pressure is on Sooners

Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett talks about this weekend's showdown with Oklahoma

Below are excerpts from Colorado Head Coach Gary Barnett's weekly press conference Tuesday in Boulder.

On playing in a big game against Oklahoma
This is a must win for Oklahoma, and there is a lot of pressure on Oklahoma and we know that. But with pressure usually comes great execution and great intensity. The better the teams they play, the better they play. They are a team that has the mind of a competitor. This will be a game between two teams that really want something and who match up head to head pretty well. To me, we are both trying to stay alive in our division, but because they are undefeated, they are also trying to stay in the National Championship run. But for us, this is not a nothing to lose situation at all."

On Oklahoma's defense
"We are going to play arguably the best defense in college football, and arguably the fastest defense in college football. They obviously create an extreme challenge for our offense."

"We are probably much more predictable and traditional than anybody they have played. I think our success depends on whether we can make any headway on offense. This is going to be one of those games where we need to crank out every yard, and every first down we can."

"(Teddy) Lehman can really run. He is a really, really good football player. They have three guys up front with (Jimmy) Wilkerson, Lehman and (Tommie) Harris who are strong All-Americans. There are only so many awards out there, and they have all 11 guys fighting for them."

On Oklahoma's offense
"I think (Nate) Hybl is a really good college football quarterback. He is good in his system, but does not throw it as much as Tech's quarterback (Kliff Kingsbury). He has got an extra weapon in that he can rely on (Quentin) Griffin. That enables him to throw the ball down the field a little better. (Griffin) is a little guy who hides in there behind his offensive line well. He has great balance and spurts out of there and has great speed. It is critical that we not let him run the ball."

On what they need to do to win
"I think the factors that go into this game are field position, special teams and turnovers. The team that comes out on the plus side of those will probably win. I really think this has the classic potential to be a field position game."

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