Spring Practice Report

Oklahoma moved outside and into pads for the first time Monday during its third spring practice of 2008. Head coach Bob Stoops commented on players making their marks and made other observations afterwards. Sooners Illustrated was there. See what Coach Stoops had to say...

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops comments ....

On the first day in pads:

"It was good. There was a lot of energy. The guys ran around well, so, yeah, I was happy with it."

On if the players – and coaches – like when practices move to pads:

"Yeah, I would think so. I always say it's like playing basketball in your socks. You don't get a true picture without pads on, but anyway, it went well."

If the players liked moving practice to the outside:

"I think they liked that. It was a perfect day really."

On how practice was working inside the Everest Indoor Center the first two practices last week:

"Good. About everything we do, they get after it in a competitive way. Challenged each other and so it was good."

On the progress of the young offensive linemen:

"They're coming around. There's a lot to learn in a few days. They all have the ability to be good, though, so that's a good thing."

Regarding how Justin Johnson and Mossis Madu are holding up being the only running backs taking part in spring practices:

"Matt Clapp is in there as well, so, they're fine."

On how FB Matt Clapp is doing while taking some snaps at running back:

"Matt has a good fell back there. He's a powerful guy, so he's doing well with it."

On if they're trying to get some of the younger quarterbacks more snaps now that Bradford has emerged at the position:

"Sam's a very good to great quarterback for sure, but he's a young guy, so he's going to keep getting better and improving. They're all getting work. We were out there a good while with fast repetitions so they're getting a lot snaps."

On the young safeties:

"They're doing good. Quinton Carter's coming along pretty good. Desmond Jackson's showing some good feel back there. They're doing good. Sam Proctor is doing some good things too.

If TE Jermaine Gresham is taking on more of a leadership role:

"He probably has been more, even in the winter. Everything he does, he works so hard. He has such a tough mentality, I'm sure as we go that will keep happening.

On whether the coaches try to throw a lot at the team before spring break to give them time to absorb over the break:

"We throw the kitchen sink at them from Day 1 for the most part and we start polishing as much as we can everyday. We're not much on bringing it to them slowly. We've always been that way."

On Keenan Clayton's progress and impact at outside linebacker:

"He could be. He's a really solid athlete. We're hoping he can be an impact guy there. He'll just have to practice more to get that down and hopefully he will be.

On what makes Clayton a better fit at linebacker than safety:

"His size and quickness. He's a prototype of a Will or Sam."

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