WR Talks About Plans to Work Out for Scouts

Former Oklahoma wide receiver Malcolm Kelly was in Norman for Pro Day on Tuesday, but he didn't work out. The sure-handed standout, however, did talk about plans to work out for scouts at a later date - along with former teammate Reggie Smith. See when Kelly plans to strut his stuff for the pros...

Malcolm Kelly was on hand Tuesday for the University of Oklahoma's Pro Day.

However, the highly-regarded wide receiver was there as a spectator only.

Kelly chose to forego his senior season at OU to enter the 2008 NFL Draft. However, since he's been nursing a knee injury suffered before Oklahoma's Fiesta Bowl loss in January, Kelly has not been able to work out for pro scouts.

That included last month's NFL Combine and Tuesday in Norman.

He and Reggie Smith, who also entered the Draft and is nursing a broken toe, will work out for scouts in Norman on April 9.

"I'm still getting over some soreness because I just started running again," Kelly said. "I wouldn't put on my best show today."

Despite the soreness, Kelly said he feels 100 percent, but realizes he has to train for the specific drills of the workout.

That includes the 40-yard dash, to which he says there are many tricks to running your best time.

"You see a lot of guys at the Combine who are fast on the football field, but run a slow 40 time," he said.

Kelly isn't sure what all drills he'll perform next month, but has one fully on his mind.

"The 40 is the main thing," he said. "If I mess around and run something extreme, I might just keep running out the door."

Regardless, Kelly is confident.

"The 9th will be a good day for me," he said.

Kelly is sure of another thing – even if others aren't: That he won't be missed too much at OU.

"They're not going to miss a step," he said. With Quentin Chaney, the way he played in the bowl game, he's going to step right in. You've got Adron Tennell, who I think is going to be really, really good. Ryan Broyles has showed a whole lot.

"They're going to keep rolling. Just like I keep saying, this universe is a lot bigger than me. If we could win when AD (Adrian Peterson) left and when AD got hurt, then you can sure enough win without me."

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