RECRUITING: Sooners get tenth verbal

Illinois offensive lineman verbals to Oklahoma shortly after returning from visit

AKIM MILLINGTON, 6-6, 302, 5.3, OL, Wheaton (North HS), Illinois:

JH: Have you committed to the Sooners?

AM: "Yes, I have committed to the Sooners."

JH: Did the visit turn things toward OU?

AM: "I liked Iowa at the very beginning and really all the way through. When I took my visit to OU I just fell in love with the place. I just really bonded with the players and coaches. Everything about the place won me over."

JH: I guess it is safe to say that your visit to OU went well?

AM: "It was perfect in so many ways. I loved every single second of it. I went out with Daven Joseph and Wes Sims and went to the movies. Then we went to dinner to Charleston's and we had so much fun. I just felt like I knew the players and that I knew them for years. The game was so exciting that I just love the game and the Boomer Sooner thing. I loved the song and what the fans chanted during the game. The key to OU was that I felt that if I got hurt and couldn't play football anymore I could still have fun at the school and still get a great education."

JH: You watched the Sooners offensive line. How do you feel you can fit into what they do at OU?

AM: "I believe that I can come up with enough intimidation that I can go out and bust my butt everyday and get the job done. The blocking schemes they used at OU were very similar to what we used at my school. Besides my terminology, they use zone blocking schemes and then come off and really fired off the ball."

JH: What are you thoughts on the Sooners offensive line coach Kevin Wilson?

AM: "I had met him before when he was coaching at Northwestern. At that time he told me that I had potential and that if I stayed after it and stayed persistent that it would eventually pay off for me. Obviously, he was correct and obviously it did. I have a pretty good relationship with him already."

JH: Are you still going to visit Iowa?

AM: "No, I am not. I spoke with them tonight and told them that I had committed to OU. They were very professional about the decision and wished me the best of luck."

JH: How much did it help that Coach Chuck Long was a former star at your high school?

AM: "It helped a lot that I knew of Coach Long and he still talked real positive about our high school and his memories were great."

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