Injury Bug Bites at Least Two Sooners

Two Oklahoma Sooners were injured before the spring break. One will be back before the end of the week, but the other is finished for the spring. Find out more about the injuries and what Coach Stoops had to say about them inside...

Ryan Broyles was the name that came up most often from players and coaches alike when asked who was impressing the most among Oklahoma football players this spring.

His chance to impress is over, at least for the spring.

Broyles suffered a broken collarbone in a scrimmage just before spring break, head coach Bob Stoops announced on Monday.

It happened early in the approximate 30-play "mini-scrimmage" the Sooners had just before the break. Broyles was apparently injured when he was tackled and fell on the shoulder, running back Mossis Madu said.

"He was doing really well," Stoops said. "We were glad about the work; he got a lot of extra work before that, so we saw enough to know that we're encouraged about what he's doing."

Stoop expects to have Broyles back in the mix at receiver before fall practices begin.

"He'll be all right. It's something that shouldn't be a big deal," Stoops said.

Madu, who was also a teammate of Broyles at Norman High School, said Broyles' spirits are high.

"He's doing good. He said it's just a six-week thing," Madu said. "He's just trying to get better and back on his feet. He's way better than I thought he would be. I would be down in the dumps, but he's cool with it." Linebacker Ryan Reynolds also sprained an ankle before the break, Stoops said, "but he should be back in a day or so," the coach added.

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