Miller Pumped About Sooners

Oklahoma pulled down yet another top Texas running back when Naaman Forest star Jonathon Miller pulled the trigger on a quick commitment after receiving a scholarship offer. Sooners Illustrated has more with the talented back, who is excited to be on campus for the first time this weekend.

Jonathon Miller, a 6-foot-1, 190-pound running back from Naaman Forest High in Garland, Texas had many reasons to make a commitment to sign with the Sooners.

"I have always liked the team," Miller began. "I know they like to run the ball. The have been in consecutive bowl games every year and they are always a BCS team. I like all of that about them and they are close to home. They were the best option for me. It is a real big honor."

Miller may have had many reasons for selecting OU, but he was still a little taken aback at how his recruitment all played out.

"They were showing interest, but I had no idea that OU was going to offer," Miller reported. "Coach Gundy called me and he told me that he really liked my highlight tape. He liked it a lot and he said as soon as he watched it he sent the scholarship out. I already had offers from schools like Arizona and Kansas, but I did not want to go to far."

"I know what I wanted to do, but it also had something to do with my dad. I wanted to commit right at that second, but my dada wanted me to wait and make sure. I waited about a week and called the coach and told him I wanted to commit."

"It seemed like the best choice for me. I was excited when he told me that he saw my highlight tape and he offered right on the spot."

Like many current prep backs Miller has always looked up to former OU standout Adrian Peterson.

"I have looked up to Adrian Peterson ever since he was there and even when he played in high school at Midland."

Miller will be taking his first trip to Norman this weekend.

"I am going this Friday," Miller informed. "I am real excited. You know I have two friends who committed there this year in Joseph Ibiloye and Casey Walker and I am excited to be up there with them."

"Oklahoma signed like the top three people in the state of Texas, so they have a real good recruiting class. I am real excited about this coming season. I really think they can go all the way this year."

Miller rushed for nearly 2,000 yards and 25 touchdowns as a junior in 2007, and he believes that his straightforward running style makes him hard to stop.

"My north/south running style," Miller responded when asked about his strongest assets. "I use my speed to pick up the tough yardage I accelerate real fast out of the backfield. I run real hard and I run through those arm tackles. That is what I think I do the best."

Many running backs would be timid about the depth chart at OU, but Miller is excited to get in and compete for a spot alongside some of the very best.

"I know that they had some five-stars committed, but I am not worried about any of that right now. I just want to get in to school and play for them. I just want to help the team however I can."

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