Red/White Re-Cap

It is not the last event of the spring, because the Sooners will practice one more time next Tuesday, but the annual Red/White Spring Game is certainly the most anticipated event of the spring. Despite all of the injuries this year's game showed the promise of what may come in the Fall of 2008.

The Sooners had a chance to look at some new players at a number of positions due to the fact a number of starters like DeMarco Murray, Austin Box, Duke Robinson, Ryan Broyles, Nic Harris, Auston English, and John Williams were all sidelined with injury.

In front of a crowd or 23, 306 OU fans the Red team (first team offense and second team defense) defeated the White team (second team offense, first team defense) by a score of 69-40.

The Red team was led offensively by Sam Bradford and Jermaine Gresham, who most likely hooked up on the play of the day when Bradford went over the top to Gresham, who got open over the middle for a 51-yard touchdown.

Bradford was also able to re-establish a strong connection with his favorite target, Juaquin Iglesias who hauled in two Bradford passes for 28 yards. Iglesias also looked good on an end around that he advanced for 27 yards.

Bradford would go on to complete 12-of-25 passes for 191 yards and one touchdown (three interceptions).

Despite their struggles offensively the White squad was led by the defensive backfield. Sam Proctor, Brian Jackson, and Dominique Franks all looked impressive and Franks had his coming out party.

On the third defensive play of the day Franks picked off a pass and returned it 61yards to pay dirt to help get White squad off to a quick 10-0 lead. Franks would go on to have two more interceptions on the day.

Proctor and Holmes always seemed to be around the ball and ended up leading the defense in tackles.

The Red defense was also opportunistic as Jonathan Nelson also picked off a pass and returned it 81-yards after an ill-advised throw by third string quarterback Keith Nichol, a play that turned the day around for the Red squad.

Frank Alexander continued his push for playing time as he had yet another big day. He was able to pick off a Halzle pass and return it for a TD when he dropped back in zone coverage from his spot a d-end. He was also a load to block at all times and kept the pressure on the more inexperienced white offense.

The Red team definitely had the advantage on offense as Mossis Madu put up some solid numbers. He got off to a slow start, but got stronger as the day progressed. He ended up carrying the ball 11 times for over 30 yards and added an additional 75 yards in pass receptions.

The OU offense worked a lot on the no huddle and at times it was clear that they were adjusting, but for the most part both offensive line units were impressive. It seemed like when there was little trouble in the backfield unless it was due to the fact that QB's seemed to be holding on to the ball to long.

The special teams units looked decent. Punter Mike Knall had some good moments and although his longest attempt was only 39 yards, kicker Jimmy Stevens had a perfect day (3-3).

The good news for Sooner fans and Sooner coaches alike is that there did not seem to be any more significant injuries. A real bonus as heading in to the Fall.


FIRST HALF DRIVE CHART (77 plays, 271 yards)
Quarterback; Plays-Yards; TOP; Result
Bradford; 3-(-1); 1:01; INT by Franks
Bradford; 11-45; 3:11; FG by Stevens
Halzle; 5-15; 1:12; Punt
Bradford; 2-1; 0:29; INT by Davis
Nichol; 3-(-1); 0:39; INT by Nelson
Bradford; 5-39; 1:50; INT by Franks
Halzle; 2-(-1); 0:44; INT by Alexander
Bradford; 4-0; 0:57; Punt
Nichol; 4-8; 0:47; Punt
Bradford; 1-51; 0:33; TD pass to Gresham (play called by fan)
Halzle; 4-(-10); 0:57; Punt
Bradford; 6-52; 2:32; FG by Stevens
Nichol; 4-2; 0:54; Punt
Bradford; 7-29; 3:12; Punt
Halzle; 6-12; 3:21; Punt
Bradford; 10-30; 2:00; End of Half
SECOND HALF DRIVE CHART (47 plays, 164 yards)
Quarterback; Plays-Yards; TOP; Result
Nichol; 4-1; 1:26; Punt
Halzle; 4-0; 0:49; Punt
Jones; 4-(-2); 1:21; Punt
Nichol; 4-(-5); 0:55; Punt
Halzle; 4-7; 1:28; Punt
Nichol; 5-37; 3:11; INT by Franks
Halzle; 3-16; 2:50; FG by Stevens
Nichol; 12-60; 6:07; TD pass to Clapp
Jones; 4-50; 2:00; TD pass to Hutchins
47 plays, 164 yards
Player, Attempts-Yards
J. Johnson, 20-44
Madu, 11-31
Clapp, 7-49
Bradford, 5-(-16)
Iglesias, 1-27
Nichol, 1-4
Jones, 1-(-5)
Halzle, 1-(-11)
TOTAL, 47-123
Bradford            12-25-191, 1 TD, 3 INT
Halzle               1-13-4, 1 INT
Nichol               7-15-58, 1 TD, 2 INT
Jones                1-5-50, 1 TD
Madu                6-74
Gresham           2-60, 1 TD (51)
Iglesias             2-28
Eldridge             2-26
J. Johnson         2-9
Hutchins            1-50, 1 TD
Mensik              1-15
Chaney             1-12
Whitson             1-12
Clapp                1-8, 1 TD
Stratford            1-5
Ratterree           1-4
(Field goals made are in parenthesis)
Stevens, 3-3: (39), (20), (27)
Moreland, 2-2
Stevens, 4-4
Knall, 11-36.9: 28, 48, 31, 36, 16, 45, 53, 28, 50, 39, 32
Hutchins, 5-143
M. Johnson, 2-24
Iglesias, 1-27
Stradford, 1-19
Holmes, 10
Proctor, 9
Beal, 8
Fleming, 8
Reynolds, 8
Lewis, 7
Davis, 5
McCoy, 5
Bennett, 4
Clayton, 4
B. Jackson, 4
D. Jackson, 4
Robinson, 4
Bowers, 3
Granger, 3
Nelson, 3
Alexander, 2
Crow, 2
Franks, 2
Macon, 2
Taylor, 1
Troup, 1
Beal, 2-6
Davis, 1-1
Granger, 1-2
Proctor, 1-2
Alexander, 1-11
Bennett, 1-10
Clayton, 1-7
Beal, 1-6
McCoy, 1-6
Taylor, 1-5
Franks, 3-91 (TD)
Nelson, 1-81 (TD)
Alexander, 1-31
Davis, 1-10
B. Jackson, 2
Proctor, 2
Crow, 1
Fleming, 1
Holmes, 1
Macon, 1


First Quarter
13:54, 57-yard INT return by Franks
10:48, 39-yard FG by Stevens
8:22, 81-yard INT return by Nelson
5:41, 31-yard INT return by Alexander
1:04, 51-yard reception by Gresham from Bradford
Second Quarter
9:33, 20-yard FG by Stevens
Third Quarter
2:50, 27-yard FG by Stevens
Fourth Quarter
3:53, 8-yard reception by Clapp from Nichol
1:53, 50-yard reception by Hutchins from Jones

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