Breaking Down Steve Williams

Steve Williams became Sooner commitment number seven when he pulled the trigger after a successful trip to the Red/White Spring Game. In this feature we caught up with Skyline assistant coach Derrick Roberson to get a breakdown on Williams skill set.

A lot of premier players have been featured at Skyline High over the years, but Steve Williams, a 5-foot-9, 165-pound cornerback may be remembered as one of the very best. Especially after he started pulling down national type offers.

"Steve has been starting since his sophomore year, so this year will be his third year as a starter," Coach Roberson explained. "I know he comes from a good background. His mother and father have been instrumental in his upbringing."

"As a player we think he is fantastic. He is very fast and physical. He has tremendous ball skills. He has everything that people are looking for in a good DB. He can turn his hips and run with you or he can come down and support the run."

"We are just happy he is playing for us and not against us."

"Every D1 guy is a little different, but the thing that sets him apart is when you get one that goes to an elite division one program," the coach continued. "Steve committed to Oklahoma and he could have very well committed to Miami (Fl) or any other big-time programs, but a commit to Oklahoma says it all."

"They are going to compete for a Big 12 Championship every year and they are going to be in a BCS bowl game every year. They are also going to be competing for National Championships. In my opinion if they come and get a guy like Steve that says that he is an elite player. We have had D1 talent every year, but only a few elite players. Steve is one of them."

Williams may not have a huge frame, but the coach says that does not stop him from coming up and making major hits.

"He does both," Roberson said when asked if he was better in coverage or against the run. "He is fantastic in coverage and he is very physical. If you check out his highlights you will see him doing both. You will se him making big interceptions and coming up and making good tackles against the screen packages and against the run game."

"That is the thing that set him apart. You can get guys who do not cover but are very physical or you can get a guy who can cover that does not like contact. Steve has both of them."

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