RECRUITING: Shreveport WR finished with visits

Shreveport, La. wide receiver Tristen Ross says decision could come at anytime


JH: Are your playoffs starting soon?

TR: "We start our playoffs this week against John Erick High School and we feel pretty good about that game."

JH: How did your visit to Tennessee go?

TR: "I had a lot of fun up there and I had a chance to hang out with one of my former friends Jonathan Wade. I had a good time meeting the players and coaches and enjoyed the game."

JH: Did your visit to Tennessee change your thinking on recruiting or give the Vols any kind of edge?

TR: "No, it is still an even playing field with all three schools and now it is just time for me to sit back and evaluate all three schools and decide which is the best for me.

JH: When do you feel you will announce your decision?

TR: "It could be at anytime. It could be this week or next week. I really don't know. I will make it whenever I feel that I am ready to make the decision."

JH: Let's start with Oklahoma, what are your thoughts on the Sooners?

TR: "I like the fact that is where all my family is. I really like Coach Stoops and Coach Wyatt ,and I like the offense that they run. I think that is important that they showed a great deal of interest in me early and I like the fact that they showed a great deal of interest in me when I was a sophomore at their camp. The fact they were the first to offer me this summer is special for me as well. Brent Rawls is a good friend of mine as well."

JH: What about Tennessee?

TR: "I really like their wide receiver coach Pat Washington. I also like the fact that one of my good friends is going to school there and I think it would be fun to play football with him in college. So, there are some things that I like about Tennessee."

JH: How about Texas?

TR: "I like the receiver coach at Texas as well in Darryl Drake. They have some former players down there as well. That would be fun to play with them."

JH: This sounds like it is going to be a very tough decision for you, because you make it sound like all the schools are the same. Do you not have any team even slightly ahead at the moment?

TR: "No, it is even right now. That is why it might take a while to make my decision. I have several factors that I have to consider."

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