Aladenoye's Stock Rising Daily

Since his last interview with, North Mesquite offensive lineman Josh Aladenoye has seen his recruitment pick up tremendously. With four offers now in hand, it seems like the Texas prep lineman will have quite a few options when he decides on the school that is the right fit for him. Sooner Illustrated has the latest…

In late April, North Mesquite (TX) offensive lineman Josh Aladenoye pulled in his first offer. Since then the 6-foot-6, 340-pound Aladenoye has caught the attention of many more college coaches resulting in three more offers.

And it seems like this is just the beginning.

"I really feel like I have accomplished really big with all of these colleges coming to see me," Aladenoye said. "I set a goal for myself a long ago and it seems like I am going to reach it."

That goal, according to Aladenoye, is to play major Division I football. Mission accomplished. After getting his first offer from Texas Tech, Aladenoye now has more from Oklahoma State, Arkansas, and Colorado.

But apparently, there are more schools coming by on a regular that may offer him as well.

"LSU came by today. Also Kansas and Oklahoma have been by this off-season," Aladenoye said. "I am pretty much open to all of these big schools and they are all good programs. I'm open to any and everybody."

Of all of the visits that have come through the North Mesquite coaches office, the most interesting one seemed to be from the Sooner coaches.

"The interest I am getting from Oklahoma is great," Aladenoye said. "Last week, the recruiting coordinator came by the school on Tuesday. Then coach (James) Patton came by to see me on Wednesday."

Aladenoye obviously made quite the impression on the Sooner coaches.

"The O-line coach (Patton) told my coach that I was impressive," Aladenoye said. "Patton came while we were in a scrimmage and I was fired up. He told my coach that I have great feet and that I was aggressive. I felt like I must have been doing something right and I would have to say that I am privileged to be receiving all of this interest."

The movement in his feet is what he said makes him the player he is. That, along with a heavy dose of intense play, is what will catapult him to the next level.

"I move well on my feet for a guy my size," Aladenoye, who is 340 pounds, said. "I am very physical and aggressive. I think you have to have that in order to play on the line in college football."

Before it is all said and done, Aladenoye feels like he may pull offers from all three schools that seem to be pursuing him at the moment. As far as his summer schedule is concerned, Colorado, Texas Tech, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas may see Aladenoye stop by for a visit.

But one school he said he will "definitely" go to for a camp.

"I am definitely going to the LSU camp," Aladenoye said.

Aladenoye said that all of the schools are equal and he plans to make his final decision this summer.

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