Grissom Has Skills

The Potential Player's Camp in Wichita gave the chance to many players in Kansas to get their names on the recruiting landscape and Geneo Grissom from Hutchinson took advantage. He was quite possibly the most physically impressive and by the looks of things he will receive a plethora of recruiting attention.

Geneo Grissom, a 6-foot-4, 215-pound defensive end from Hutchinson High in Kansas was not a man of many words, but his skills did the talking for him at the Potential Player's Camp.

He struggled at times with some of the finer footwork drills, but with size 16 feet as a sophomore that is easy to understand, but his quickness off of the ball and the ability to keep himself low at times in the one-on-one drills made you appreciate what exactly he could bring to the table.

"I hope I did pretty good," Grissom said of the camp experience. "I hope that the coaches like what they see. It was fun."

I like to say I have really good footwork. I have long arms and that helps out a lot. I am quick off of the ball."

During the camp Grissom went up against Riley Spencer who holds an offer from the Miami Hurricanes. He hopes these types of experiences will allow him the same type of big time opportunities as far as scholarships are concerned.

"It makes me feel great," Grissom explained. "It is a great boost. It makes me want to get in the weight room and get bigger."

Grissom did admit that it is a little early to start thinking about college choices, so there is a wide array of programs he would be interested in, but singled out Kansas, Oklahoma, and Michigan as being three major programs to catch his eye.

"It is a little too early to tell," Grissom informed of his college choices.

Grissom will attend camp at Pitt State with the rest of his teammates at Hutchinson.

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