RECRUITING: Las Vegas RB will visit Norman

Las Vegas, Nevada running back Cornell Johnson talks about his interest in Oklahoma


Johnson is another one of those prototype running backs that all college coaches seem to be looking for. A 4-year starter, Johnson started out his career as a freshman and rushed for 904 yards and 13 touchdowns. As a sophomore, Johnson was better rushing for 1,735 and 27 touchdowns. Then, as a junior, Johnson finished with close to 1,800 yards and 28 touchdowns.

Thus far Johnson has been rocking along at close to 1,600 yards and he has scored 31 touchdowns with the playoffs still to go. If Johnson can score seven more touchdowns he will break the career touchdown record in Neveda.

"I am a combination of speed and power," said Johnson. "I can get the tough yards when I need it and I can get yards on my own. I can catch the ball pretty well out of the backfield and I also return kickoffs. I think I average around 60 yards per return. I have six returns for touchdowns and my longest return is 98 yards."

Johnson can bench 275 pounds, squats 435 and runs the 100M (10.5), 220M (21.6) and he is the anchor on the 4X200 relay and the 4X100 relay, which Dessert Pines set the state record in both last year.

Johnson is still working to set up his visits and at the moment he will trip to UCLA (1-9) and he is working to set up a visit to OU.

"I have a very good interest in Oklahoma," said Johnson. "OU's offense is very similar to what we are running here and they have improved their running game a great deal. I don't feel they have any running backs that run like me, so that is appealing to me right there."

Johnson has been offered by UCLA, Washington State, Arizona, Oregon and he hopes to visit the Huskies and Ducks.

Cornell has qualified.

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