RECRUITING: Colorado RB has all the tools

Sooners hope to get fifth visit from talented Colorado running back Lendale White


White doesn't seem to get as much said about him as some of the other super running backs in the country, but the key question is why? He busted loose for 1,600 yards and 17 touchdowns this past season, which when combined with his size and speed, all of a sudden makes him a very attractive running back to college coaches all across the country.

White started his career at Denver South, where as a freshman and sophomore he was the starting running back. White broke into varsity football with a spectacular season rushing for 1,950 yards and 30 touchdowns. Then, as a sophomore, White was even better rushing for 2,400 yards and 26 scores. White transferred to Chatfield last season where he picked up right where he left off rushing for 1,850 yards and 30 touchdowns.

"We didn't go to the playoffs this season, so my rushing totals are a little short this year," said White. "I have power with my size, but I have good speed and I can cut on a dime. I think I am a pretty good combination of speed and power, which gives me the ability to run any way that I need to so that I can be successful. We run a pro-style offense and run out of the I-formation, one-back and shotgun. I would say that our offense is very similar to what the St. Louis Rams run."

White played in only 8 1⁄2 games this past year because of a separated shoulder, but the shoulder has bounced back in fine shape. White will be a starter in hoops at small forward. White has already visited Texas and Pittsburgh and seems to like both schools.

"I want to keep an open mind about all the schools that I am considering. I had a good time at both Texas and Pittsburgh and both schools made me feel welcome and that I belonged at their school. I am going to visit USC this Friday and I will visit Michigan the first weekend in December. For my last visit I am trying to decide between Oklahoma, Oregon, Kansas State or Arizona State."

"I am very interested in Oklahoma," White added. "They have a great tradition, they are winning and they have one of the top programs in the country. They are rushing the ball very well and that really influences me in making my decision to visit there. Oklahoma is a big time football school and they have one of the top football programs in the country. I am not sure if Oklahoma will be my fifth visit, because I want to hear what the coaches at the other three schools have to say, but I would say that OU has a strong chance to get my fifth visit."

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