Strait eager to bounce back

Oklahoma junior cornerback talks about last week's loss to A&M and this weekend's match up with Baylor

Junior Derrick Strait has been one of the top cornerbacks in the country for the past two years. Strait has been so terrific that many pro football experts feel that he will one day be a first round draft choice. Strait has also been named as a semi-finalist for the prestigious Jim Thorpe award, given annually to the nation's top defensive back.

However, last Saturday against Texas A&M Strait and the Sooner secondary played the worst game of their careers at OU. After practice Tuesday I had a chance to catch up with Strait and talk to him about the Aggie loss and how the Sooners can bounce back against Baylor.

JH: You didn't have your best game against Texas A&M, so do you wish you could have played Baylor the next day to get that bad taste out of you mouth?

DS: "I wish we could have played another game right away. You always want to get back out there and prove myself, or maybe not prove myself because I think I have proven myself. I want to get back into the flow of things."

JH: The great play in the secondary has spoiled Sooners fans and the media alike. We are not used to you guys giving up wide open touchdowns through the secondary, so what happened?

DS: "That is a credit to how we play that so many good things are expected out of us. However, I would rather have the fans getting mad than getting comfortable that we're losing often. This at least means we don't lose very often. We don't like to lose and I am pretty sure they don't like for us to lose. We just have to go out and correct the mistakes and get back to where we were."

JH: Was it just technical things or a fundamental thing?

DS: "It was just a lot of things in general. The main thing is that we did not do what we needed to do to make plays. That is basically what it comes down to."

JH: Texas A&M said they took advantage of Oklahoma's aggressiveness. Do you agree with that? Hasn't every team tried to take advantage of your aggressiveness?

DS: "Yeah, that is our style of defense and we don't know how to play any other way. It was a just a bad day for us all the way around and they made the plays that they needed to make to be successful."

JH: So, Texas A&M is not the first team to try to the hitch-and-go?

DS: "Yes, that is true. I guess it was just their time I guess. We will get everything corrected and we should be back to where we were."

JH: It is a dangerous life out on the edge isn't?

DS: Everybody says you are on an island out there and that is true, because it is just me and against the receiver. You just have to win the individual match up.

JH: What about Baylor?

DS: Baylor is a great challenge and they have several great athletes at receiver. They spread the defense and they will throw the ball around. It will be another great challenge for us."

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