The Jarboe Effect

Josh Jarboe is on campus and has now begun his career as an Oklahoma Sooner. At the time of his commitment he was one of the most highly lauded receiver prospects in the country. His skills are off of the charts and he will now have the chance to earn some early playing time if everything goes smoothly.

Every Sooner fan in the country was not only extremely pleased, but they were also a little surprised when four-star wide receiver Josh Jarboe made his commitment to attend OU at the first annual UnderArmour All-American Bowl in January.

The 6-foot-3, 195-pounder selected the Sooners over a myriad of national offers, but things turned somewhat sour when he was arrested outside of his high school in Ellenwood, Ga., for carrying a firearm.

Due to the fact he had a clean record and he was a first time offender he was able to plea the charge down to a misdemeanor, which allowed him to become a part of the Sooner class and he reported to campus yesterday afternoon.

Although he is most likely a little relieved to put his trouble behind him and start his career in the Crimson and Cream, the highly lauded receiver has no room for error according to comments that were released by OU Head Coach Bob Stoops late last week.

"We feel that he will be a positive contributor to our campus," Stoops said. "We have already stressed to him that his citizenship is of the upmost importance. He understands that anything less than exemplary behavior will not be tolerated."

Jarboe enters OU as the hands on favorite in many eyes to earn some significant playing time as a true freshman, and now that Malcolm Kelly has moved on to the NFL he could have a shot to be one of the most dangerous threats in the Sooners receiver arsenal. National Analyst Scott Kennedy has been covering high school ball in the state of Georgia for years and he admits that Jarboe brings a number of qualities to the table that could give him an edge.

"When I saw him as a junior I said this is the best receiver in the state of Georgia," Kennedy explained. "That included guys like Tavarres King (Georgia) and Brice Butler (USC)."

"His senior year he did not get as many chances. It almost seemed like he lost some interest, but then we got to see him in the UnderArmour All-American game down in Orlando where he was getting rep after rep after rep. I said to myself this is the player I remember."

"We had him in the Top 100 to start and then we moved him out of it based on his senior year, and then after we saw him again we moved him back in to it. He was all over the place (rankings wise) last year."

Even though Jarboe is a top tier talent he does have some things that he needs to improve on to become a complete player.

"He probably just needs to get stronger," Kennedy informed. "He played all over in high school, but he probably needs to work some on route running to polish up his skills. He will see guys at the line of scrimmage that are his size and he has never seen those types of guys before, except for maybe in the All-American game, but that is and adjustment every player has to make moving up."

What is even more important is that over the past few seasons Kennedy has had the chance to meet with Jarboe on a number of occasions and he firmly believes he has what it takes to keep his life going in a positive direction now that he is in Norman.

"I have talked with him a few times and I have always thought that he was a good kid," Kennedy said of his character. "The thing that concerned me the most was his academics. Was he going to get his grades in order, and he obviously worked hard to take care of that."

"Hopefully this will wake him up a little. He can definitely keep himself out of trouble. He is not a bad seed and hopefully he takes full advantage of his second opportunity."

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