Trice a Secret No More

Marcus Trice showed up at the UnderArmour/ Combine to prove that he was one of the best players in Texas, and he did more than that. As a matter of fact the case could be made that he was the camp MVP. Since his time at the camp he has shed his sleeper status and picked up 10 offers.

It is fair to say that things have really heated up the past couple of months for Mesquite High athlete Marcus Trice.

When he checked in at the UnderArmour/ Combine in Dallas he had yet to reel in his first official offer, but after watching him it was apparent that it would only be a matter of time.

"I have 10 offers," Trice informed. "Tulsa was the first to offer and then it was UTEP, Wisconsin, Baylor, Iowa, Vanderbilt, Iowa State, SMU, Arizona, and then Minnesota."

"I am still evaluating everybody. I do not really have a list or a top or anything like that. I am just doing my research on all of the schools right now."

Trice is very thankful for the opportunities that his football skills have provided for him.

"It means a lot, because it is a free education. My family is not in poverty, but it would be a real struggle for us to have to pay for schooling. I feel like to do what I am able to do (on the field) and get a free education, then there is nothing better than that. I am real happy."

One school that has yet to offer Trice is Oklahoma, but he admits that he is very interested in the Sooner program at this time, and with the recent de-commit news from Will Ford it will be interesting to see if the staff makes an offer.

"They are a winning program," Trice informed. "The biggest thing that sticks out to me about Oklahoma is that they are a winning program. They sent me something the other day that said that they had five Big 12 Championships since 2000 or something like that. Their record was like 90-17 in the Big 12, so they are a winning program and that really excites me about Oklahoma."

"I spoke with Coach (Brent) Venables the defensive coordinator and he said I am high on the list, but they do not want to offer a whole lot of guys at once. They have a couple of offers out at corner and if I have a good season then they might be offering me."

Trice's mother stays in St. Louis, so he is going to try to see some of the Midwestern schools while spending time with her this summer.

"I am going to try to take and unofficial to Oklahoma, and while I am up in Missouri I am going to try to check out Iowa and Iowa State and I think I might try to go to Baylor also," Trice said of his summer plans.

"I go to see my Missouri every summer to go see my mom and the rest of my family, and I guess while I am up there I am going to try to make the visits up there. My whole family stays in St. Louis."

Trice is an excellent corner, but he could play receiver on the next level as well.

"Actually every school that has offered me has talked about me playing both ways," Trice explained. "Or at least trying me out both ways. They also want me to work on my return game also."

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