RECRUITING: Playing early at OU intrigues PA. RB

Williamsport, Pa. running back Darrell Blackman is one of the nation's best. Does OU have a shot?


Blackman is a blur when in the open field and he has been terrorizing opposing defenses since his sophomore year. As a sophomore, Blackman rushed for 1,769 yards and 16 touchdowns. Blackman was almost unstoppable as a junior rushing for 2, 547 yards and 32 touchdowns. This season Blackman capped off his stellar career by rushing for 2,469 yards and 22 touchdowns.

"I can run different ways, depending on what our situation is," said Blackman. "If we are in short yardage I can run tough in the trenches, but I feel I am at my best when I get into the open field. I think I see the field real well and I have some real solid moves. I think I am tough to tackle in open field, but when we need the tough yardage I know how to hit the hole and run straight ahead to get as much yardage as we need to get."

Blackman also starts in hoops at guard where he averaged 20 ppg and 9 rbpg last season.

Blackman has narrowed down his recruiting choices down to Iowa this weekend, then North Carolina State (12-6). Blackman plans to finish off his recruiting visits at Maryland and Oklahoma.

"I have talked to some of the coaches at Oklahoma and I like what I am hearing," said Blackman. "I like the tradition at Oklahoma and the tradition that they have at running back. Oklahoma is winning and I want to go to a program that is winning right now.

"Oklahoma is running the ball very well and Quentin (Griffin) is graduating this year. I would like to go there and start my first year and that would be my goal if I go to Oklahoma. I really don't have a favorite school right now," Blackman continued. "I like all five schools and I just wan to get out their and visit all the schools and see which school is best for me."

Blackman is still looking to qualify.

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