RECRUITING: Michigan running back set for visit

Five star running back Jerome Jackson says he's honored that Oklahoma is recruiting him


Here comes another great national running back that is interested in Oklahoma. Jackson earned a varsity letter his freshman year and earned his first start in the playoffs when he was a halfback in the wishbone offense.

Jerome's brother Terry, who is curently at Minnesota, got most of the carries during that game, but Jerome got a couple and averaged 13 yards per carry. Since that time Jerome has been the main man for the Saginaw wishbone.

His sophomore season, Jackson rushed for 912 yards leading the league in rushing despite breaking his ankle during the fifth game of the season. Last season Jackson proved he was healthy rushing for 1,700 yards and 25 touchdowns. This season Jackson isn't sure of his final stats, but he knows he is well over 1,000.

"I think I run a little like Walter Payton, "said Jackson. "I love to use the stiff-arm and that is my biggest weapon. I think I can run both inside and outside, but I think I am better outside. I always seem to make a good decision on which way to cut and outside is when I am at my best."

Jackson can bench 315 pounds, plays basketball and he runs the 100M (11.0), 400M (53.0) and HJ (6'0).

Jackson has already visited Minnesota and Purdue.

"They both were nice," said Jackson. "I enjoyed both schools with good coaching staffs. I thought the facilities were top of the line. At Purdue they have built a new press box, have a new scoreboard and they had several new things for their stadium. Everybody was hyped about the program and the progress they were making. I know a lot about Minnesota because of my brother. I went down there when they played Michigan. It was my first time in the Metrodome so that was pretty cool.

"The fact my brother plays at Minnesota doesn't factor into my decision at all and I am not scared to go to Minnesota with him there. However, I would rather be on the opposite team of my brother. He always beat me at everything when I was little and now I would like to get back to him."

Jackson is also looking at Michigan, Michigan State and he visits Oklahoma this weekend.

"Oklahoma is a great team and everybody would love to play at Oklahoma," said Jackson. "I look at it as an honor to be recruited by a school like Oklahoma. I think it is a privilege to even get the chance to look at Oklahoma. I never thought about Oklahoma much until they called. I didn't think a national program like that so far away from home would be interested in me, but now they are I am interested in them."

Jerome is just short of qualifying.

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