Dotson Will be a Major Target

Some people have claimed that running back Darius Dotson may make a run at being the top ranked player in the "Lone Star State" in 2010. It is a good thing for Sooner fans that he already thinks highly of the program.

Darius Dotson, a 6-foot-0, 200-pound running back from Hitchcock High in Texas will be one of the more highly recruited players in the country, but he is thinking more about his team than himself.

"We have to become one and play together as a team," Dotson said when asked about how the team is looking heading in to the fall. "I am trying to take on more of a leadership role and try to help show the younger guys what to do and how to do right."

Dotson may be concerned more about his team than himself, but he does believe that he has some serious skills on the gridiron.

"My power and speed," Dotson responded when asked about his strengths.

When asking Dotson about his top schools it is easy to see that he will be considering some heavy hitters.

"Oklahoma, Texas, LSU, and UCLA," Dotson responded when asked about his favorite schools.

It is pretty early to discount anyone in the race fr his services, but it could come down to a battle between Texas and OU.

"At Texas I like the offense and the way that they run the ball and at Oklahoma I like the way that they run the ball too. I like their offense a lot."

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