Pre-Fall Predictions: Part II

Last week we took a look at the first six games on the schedule and this week we are back with our predictions for the second half of the season. We expect the Sooners to roll through the first six games undefeated, and a perfect second half would put the team in a good position to win a National Title.

Game 7 (Homecoming): Vs. Kansas (OU Record 6-0)

KU was the Cinderella story of the 2007 season and even showed well in the BCS by winning the Orange Bowl, but a few key components will be gone up front and in the defensive backfield, but still KU will be a formidable foe on Homecoming. I think the great season from a year ago puts a huge target on the back of Mangino's squad and the apprentice gets a lesson from his old master.

Outcome: Win, OU 27 - KU 24

Game 8: At Kansas State (OU Record 7-0)

The Wildcats coaching staff is in serious trouble if they can not start to turn things around very quickly, and I just do not think that this is the year. Josh Freeman will be the centerpiece of the attack, but I do not expect KSU to have enough to hold tight in a game against OU. They did knock off Texas on the road last year, but I just do not see them being able to score enough points or slow down a potent Sooner offensive attack.

Outcome: Win, OU 38 - KSU 10

Game 9: Vs. Nebraska (OU Record 8-0)

After last year it would hard to predict a Nebraska win over a quality opponent, especially one that is able to move the ball effectively through the air. I doubt that opponents will put up the kind of numbers on the 'Blackshirts' that they did a year ago, but I do not expect Coach Pelini to work huge miracles in time to knock off Oklahoma. It will be great to see the two teams line up against each other again, but I do not expect a close, close game.   

Outcome: Win, OU 31 - Nebraska 7

Game 10: At Texas A&M (OU Record 9-0)

The schedule will be tough and this game will be a hard one sandwiched between a rivalry game and Texas Tech. The Aggies are tough on the road and should be well adjusted to what Sherman wants to do offensively. They have a number of weapons on offense and they do have a good amount of talent on the defensive side of the ball as well. This one will be entertaining, but hopefully the OU defense steps up with a big defensive stand late in the game.

Outcome: Win, OU 17 - A&M 14

Game 11: Vs. Texas Tech (OU Record 10-0)

This game could be the one folks. Tech has been a handful the past few seasons. Coming off a few emotional games it will be a challenge for OU to get ready for the Red Raiders offense. I think OU could win this game, and maybe it was a different story last year had Bradford not went down with an injury. I think the Tech offense can definitely exploit the middle of the OU defense and that will open up some things deep, but OU could put up some big numbers as well. This game could decide a possible National Title appearance.

Outcome: Loss, Tech 37 - OU 34

Game 12: At Oklahoma State (OU Record 10-1)

This game will be a statement maker. OU will need to put up some nice numbers to make their case for a BCS Title game, especially if there are no other (or one) undefeated squads out there. Oklahoma State fans are optimistic about the teams chances in 2008, but I just do not think that they have the big guns on defense to compete. I expect the OU offensive line to once again show that they are the best unit in the entire country up front. It may start out close, but the Sooners should pull away down the stretch.

Outcome: Win, OU 28 - OSU 10 (Final Record 11-1, Big 12 South Champs)

After the Fiesta Bowl game against West Virginia a year ago many fans have been questioning this team, but the 2008 season should get all of the fence sitters back on board. The traditional football fans should love to watch this team handle their business up front on both sides of the ball, and OU should be in the thick of the BCS Title hunt all year long.

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