Venables and Wilson Weigh in on Practice

Oklahoma assistants Kevin Wilson and Brent Venables give their thoughts on the first practices.

Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables

"We had a lot of ball disruption which showed me a lot of awareness. We saw a terrific attitude out of these guys."

"I think we found some players. We've had a few question marks, but I was pleased with the development. We're pretty simplistic right now and we'll put more in every day, so we'll see how much we progress, but overall I was pretty happy."

"Pushing the practice time back not only got us out of the worst heat of the day, but it gave us a little more meeting time and you can't over-estimate how much that means to us right now."

Offensive Coordinator Kevin Wilson

"It's hard to get a real good handle on it without pads because there's no true blocking, but I can't complain about what I saw out there. The tempo was good. We have a lot of guys back so we threw out a lot of multiple formations; a lot more than we would on a normal first day."

"All eight of the freshmen played with the two's. They have the skill level to be on the field. We need to see how they hold up and how much they learn. Our job is to get them up to speed."

"We had the 40-second clock working and we may even consider moving that up to 30 or 35 seconds during practice just to get them in the mode of working quicker. The challenge we have at this point is to make sure they finish every play and not start thinking ahead to the next one. That's a fine line, but the most important thing is to be good on the current play."

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