Watch Out for Balogun!

One player who is already making waves throughout the first two days of practice is JUCO linebacker transfer Mike Balogun. Balogun is a blue-collar guy off of the field, and his hard working mentality translates well on to the field as well.

Linebacker Mike Balogun is a player who sort of snuck through the recruiting radar of many of the national recruiting pundits.

Now that he has arrived on campus it is obvious that he is a player that many fans, media members, and opposing coaching staffs had better keep a close eye on.

"Mike Balogun, in just his couple of days, has really been impressive," Stoops informed when running down players who we have not seen much from that could make an impact this fall.

While it is definitely an accomplishment to catch the eye of Coach Stoops so early on, Balogun has also caught the eye of defensive coordinator Brent Venables, who is also impressed with the concrete worker and how he has handled himself on the field and off of it.

"At young age he has to wake up at 5:30 in the morning and go pour concrete," Venables explained. "He has children at young age and he is at point in his life where he did not know what he was going to do for the next 40-50 years. You have an appreciation as a coach for a guy that has had to deal with that."

"To see him have an opportunity, and not only have an opportunity, but to take advantage of it and make a better life. It is neat to be a part of. He brings a little bit from a maturity standpoint."

Coach Venables believes that for a number of reasons Balogun will have the chance to see some early action this season.

"He will have a chance," Venables said when asked if he will have the chance to play. "Again I do not have a whole lot of guys, and it may be by default, but hopefully it is not. That is to be determined, but we have liked what we have seen from him so far, how he moves, and how he runs around."

"We have not hit anybody, but he has come close. You hope you see some explosiveness there. I will say this, up to this point it is not even close to the comparison of the last junior college guy we signed, and we have had great success with junior college players over the years. I feel like there is a reason to be excited."

Balogun could become an instant fan favorite if he is able to come in and provide depth to a linebacker corps that will be down a key cog after losing Curtis Lofton to the NFL draft.

Balogun is just thankful to have the opportunity to do what he loves at such a high level.

"I never thought I would be playing or have the opportunity to play at a school like Oklahoma," Balogun admitted to one reporter. "I thought maybe in the SEC or somewhere down south, but I never thought it would be at Oklahoma."

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