Murray Back in the Groove

DeMarco Murray return is highly anticipated by college football fans nationwide, as he is clearly one of the most electrifying offensive players in the game. The OU coaching staff has admitted to looking in to some new ways to get him the ball, and Murray is looking forward to getting his hands back on the rock.

It was sort of an anticlimactic conclusion to the season for DeMarco Murray last year when he dislocated his knee-cap in the Texas Tech game one week after tying the OU freshman running back record for touchdowns (15).

Murray missed out on some practice time at the end of last season, but he admits he almost 100 percent back in to the flow.

"I am just trying to get back in the groove of things," Murray admitted. "I am very excited to get back out there with the guys and just have fun."

With his time away Oklahoma has implemented a no huddle wrinkle in to the offensive scheme, but Murray has admits that he has had no problems with any adjustments.

"We are just trying to speed things up and get more plays and stuff like that, but as far as the offense goes it is pretty much of the same thing," Murray said of the offensive scheme. "We are just speeding it up a little more and trying to put a lot more points on the board."

"It is just the same system as last year. We got still got me, Chris Brown, and Mossis (Madu). We are all going to be sharing carries. It is pretty much the same. I think I have the same role as last year."

The OO staff has indicated that they may look for some new ways to get Murray involved in the offense, so that they can better utilize his game breaking abilities, and he says he will take the ball as much as they will give it to him.

"As many times as they put it in my hands," Murray said with the hint of a laugh. "Whether it is on kick returns or getting a few catches here or there."

"Hopefully I get a couple of bubbles or whatever Coach Wilson has up his sleeve. I do not mind playing receiver at all."

Murray is definitely a real home run threat, but he is working hard to become a complete back, which will make him more valuable as an NFL prospect.

"I see myself as a speed and power guy. I am trying to get more physical and run in between the tackles and whatnot. I am just trying to increase my game like Chris Brown. I am just trying to get on his level pretty much."

Murray was a dangerous return man in 2007, and with a few potential return men developing it will be interesting to see if he will be re-inserted in to that role again next season.

"I have not done return yet," Murray acknowledged. "We have not really done to much return stuff during two-a-days, so I really do not know."

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